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Mmmm, that's right baby, you know what I like. Watching you with that cock in your hand gets me so excited.

I get asked a lot what my favorite things to do sexually are and I always say that one of my very favorite things is to watch a guy stroking his cock. It gets me all kinds of turned on. And when I get to guide the stroking, oh that is even better.

I want to watch you from beginning to end. Don't cheat me out of a second of it. Do you understand me? I want to see you unzip your pants and drop them down, take off your underwear and pull out your still mostly limp cock. Do NOT start stroking without me. I mean it. I want to watch it stir in the air when you let it loose and see your fingers wrap lightly around it. I know it gets harder as soon as you touch it, and I want to be there for that moment. I want to see it happen, watch your face when that first thrill ripples through you and you know this is going to get better and better.

A man with a cock in his hand, that I've helped to coax into hardness, is so exciting and hot to me. I can't wait to see you stroking, the long slow ones and then those short fast jerks. I want you to listen to me and do it so I can watch, so we can play and see which combination brings you to the edge faster. And what it is that finally pushes you over so we can know the next time what to always save for last.

I'm here waiting to savor each and every moment of it with you, from beginning to the hot wild climax.