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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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I love it when you stroke for me. When you jack that dick off... for me! I love to listen to you, to your moaning, your whimpering, your begging. And, if you can, I'd love to watch you, on your webcam.

In theory, most think of masturbation as a very personal task. It's something you do when you're alone, to yourself and for yourself. And I have to agree. But I don't think that masturbation is EXCLUSIVELY a solo act. Think about it, how can it be wrong for a man to stroke his cock, the way only he knows how to... or the way he's told to, while a beautiful woman watches, listens, and instructs? I'd say both parties fully appreciate the act and should be jointly active.

It's a sensual experience really. Something shared by the two of us... just us. The lights are low, candles lit, you might have music playing softly or porn on for a little extra visual. You're naked while I'm in something sexy...lingerie or maybe my sexiest short skirt or little black dress. It's important to set the mood.

And then it begins, I know how you like to be touched, how you need to be touched. I have all sorts of sensual, teasing touches and strokes up my sleeve. And I wouldn't dream of ignoring that head of yours or those balls. They need to be played with as well, now don't they?

I know how to build you up slowly to a mind-blowing, explosive orgasm and I also know how to deny you...just because you're stroking for me, doesn't mean you will cum, right? I also know how to ruin your orgasm, if that's what I decide you really need. Either way, one thing is for sure, when I hear you moan and beg, I'll will get nice and wet.