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Let's face it. You love to wank, don't you? Autoerotic endeavors are way more fun when you have someone there to tell you how, when and what to do.

That's where I come in. I totally enjoy taking control of a guy's disco stick *giggle*. Your cock is the key to Me having and exercising the ultimate control over you. I can take your party of one and make into a party of fun--cock control fun, that is *giggle*.

Besides, getting to know yourself better just gets way more fun when I'm there telling you how to touch it. You'll love letting go and giving your handgina a workout while I tease you toward climax.

I'll have you on a wonderful erotic roller coaster while I tease and titillate you. I'll own your cock and My soft silky voice will caress and enrapture you. I really adore getting a guy to orgasm on command. It shows how utterly under My spell he is and it's uber entertaining when he makes his worship puddle for Me exactly when I tell him to.

So why don't you lay back, relax and let Princess take care of all the details? Besides...anything is just better when I'm involved and you'll find it natural to give in to My sweet & salacious demands. I'm the Lexus of experiences when guiding you to an ultimate climax. I know you're just aching to be under a hot Princess's control, like Me, supplicating to cum and giving Me complete control over you.