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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Let me in to your most unguarded moments. Close your eyes and lose yourself in the sound of my voice. Let the world outside of your mind and body dissolve until all that exists is your fantasy, woven from my words, and the pleasure to which we together will bring you. I want to hear you. I want to hear the hushed whisper of friction behind your moans and sighs, turning to wet when the precum starts to gather at the tip and roll under your fingers. Let them spread the natural lubrication as they move up and down the shaft. Do you like it dry, your grip loose and grazing? Or do you use lotion, tightening your fist to simulate the ideal wet penetration? Do you like toys? I can think of some I'd love to see and hear you try . . . I want to do more for you than guide you with my words. If you really want to please me, you will let me see you as you please yourself. I want to see the graphic display of the effect of the bedtime story I will tell just for you. I want to watch you go from soft to a bar of iron. I want to see you flushed with desire, your hips moving almost involuntarily, faster as you approach climax. Oh, I can feel the tension, almost as if I were there, in front of you. It's contagious, and my respiration increases with yours. My hands begin to wander, because I find your animal lust inspiring. Spread your knees wide so I can watch your balls tighten and relax. Edge yourself. Not yet . . . not yet . . . Now. Give it to me now. All over yourself, the hot, creamy payload . . .