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Hey there, I'm Sloane, and if you don't know by now... I make my own rules. I like to stray... and stray often... far off the "beaten path."

Wanna know one of my most naughty pleasures? It's playing voyeur to a man's most private moments and watching him stroke. I love catching sneak peeks of him as he grasps himself and begins to stroke, his movements languid in the beginning, then gaining speed as he stiffens.

I love seeing that first dew appear at the most sensitive tip, and I have to curb my instinct to rush to him and lick it off with my tongue while I look into his face. As fun as that would be... oh and it IS so satisfying... the pleasure I would reap from doing that is eclipsed by the heightened anticipation of restraining my lust and playing the part of a voyeur.

Just watching... it makes me ache and shiver as chills race up and down my spine and my nipples harden, in response to the sight in front of me.

Come... let me indulge in one of my most favorite activities, make me feel like a bad little voyeur. Stroke for me!