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Don't you just get so turned on when a woman watches you masturbate? I bet it makes your cock twitch and drool when you hear her cooing, seductively in your ear, "Oh yeah baby, stroke that cock for me."

Want to know a secret? I get just as turned on as you do being watched, when I get to be the woman doing the watching. Seeing a man stroke listening to him slide his fist up and down a greased up cock - it makes my panties wet just thinking about it.

What makes them really flood though - is when you give me the control and I get to tell you exactly how I want you to stroke that cock.

Maybe what I will do is have you apply an ample amount of lube all over that cock and your hands. Then make an OK sign with your non dominate hand. Make sure the "O" part is very tight and wrap those fingers of that hand lightly around your dick. With your other hand, make a shallow cup and cover the "O". Now rock those hips back and forth, thrusting your cock through that tight ring and into your cupped palm. Pick up the pace and keep pounding that wet little hand pussy until you can't stand it anymore and are ready to shoot your load for me.

Of course once you do get to that point, you are going to need to take your hands off that cock. After all... you are stroking for me...and I have more ways I want to play with you! Give me a call and you can find out what they are ;)