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There is nothing that I appreciate more than being able to see how my voice and actions make a man's cock grow, watching each motion as you follow my the instructions to the letter... my silky, sweet voice guiding you toward ecstasy. I know that the idea of being so vulnerable and exposed in front of a powerful woman like myself is intimidating, but just follow my lead and I promise that I will take VERY good care of you.

I know it's hard to restrain yourself around sexy, strong women like me, so turn yourself over to my control and save yourself the trouble. I'll lead you on a journey, the likes of which you've never experienced before. We'll meander, working slowly toward the inevitable... your every movement dictated by my whims, each thrust and stroke carried out to my exact specifications... the ache growing within you as we push toward the peak of bliss.

You can feel the pressure building, your whole body stiff as my words wind you tighter. You can feel my soft, pale fingers manipulating your stroke, squeezing you tight to stave off the climax for just a moment before we reach the summit.

And then... a blinding explosion... your whole body shaking as wave after wave of excruciating pleasure rush over you, your breath coming in gasps and your tongue unable to form words as an intoxicating fog seems to encompass your mind. My voice low, purring as I gently pull you back down to Earth, laying you carefully down.