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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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There is just something about watching a man stroke his cock that I absolutely LOVE. Seeing you start out soft and, as my teasing, sensual voice winds its way around you, growing harder and thicker until the ache becomes too much and you just can't HELP but wrap your hand around that throbbing shaft.

I know that you're picturing me as we talk... Imagining me clothed in sexy lingerie that shows off my incredibly seductive curves without giving away TOO much... My eyes glued to your cock as you respond eagerly to my whispered instructions... The idea drives you wild. You love putting on a show for me, being the center of my dirty little world, if only for a moment... Maybe even giving me the motivation to let a hand slip down between my smooth, milky thighs... Wait... Was that a soft moan you just heard whispered through the phone line?

I want to hear you start to lose control as my words and playful games guide and manipulate your strokes. I am listening for the quickening of your breath and watching for that glassy, far away look in your eyes that tells me that I've got you teetering right on the verge of your orgasm. I may hold you there for a while, I may keep you right on the knife's edge feeling the pressure build until you don't think you can take any more... But you can... and will.

Stroking for me definitely has its benefits, and when you finally hear those cooed words calling for your climax the explosion that ensues will be like NOTHING you've ever experienced... And I'll be right there, to witness the whole thing. ;)