What to Bring For Your Phone Sex Call

If you are contemplating calling phone sex for the first time, you may have wondered what you might need for your call. Of course, it depends on what you are looking for in your phone sex call - but, having some general items ready will help your erotic phone sex call become even more delicious!

First off, bring your imagination and ideas! Saying you’re not sure what you are into doesn’t help the phone sex Mistress you are speaking with - remember, she’s not a mind reader, she’s there to help you feel your best when it comes to masturbation. Telling your phone sex mistress about your erotic fantasies, or what you like to do even on your own time can be very helpful to the sexy lady taking your phone sex call.

If you are into using toys for masturbation, it’s good to have those on hand with you. If you have a Fleshlight, dildo or even some tools for a CBT session, make sure you have those with you as well.

If you are into a traditional stroking masturbation session - perhaps having toys to enhance your call could help such as a Fleshlight, cock for masturbation helps for masturbation enhancement. If you need help selecting toys, your phone sex lady would be glad to assist you in picking out the right kind of toys for your phone sex call!

For more information about what you can have handy during your phone sex call - contact the Mistresses at voxerotic.com.

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