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I can't help but be aroused by a man taking hold of and stroking his cock for me. I love to see it start out soft and slowly grow bigger, and harder with each stroke. My sexy little voice filling your ears with encouragement and praise as you slowly tease yourself. I direct you to squeeze the base and slide your hand to the tip. Don't slide back down that thick shaft; that wouldn't be any fun! Let go and slowly repeat until I tell you that you are done.

I want you to take your time, enjoying every second. Teasing yourself as that cock fills with all the energy and attention from your big head to your little head, causing your cock to grow to it's maximum capacity. It's a good thing I'm here and you don't even have to think at all. Just listen to my instructions and I will take you to the brink! Wrap your palm around that veiny shaft. Run your hand up and down; Yeah, just like that! I hear your breathing get shallow as you really get turned on. I know that the buildup is getting so, so strong.

But you don't want to rush it! Let's savor the pleasure! Take in every erotic word I say as you close your eyes and enjoy yourself stroking it the Goddess Danica way! Waves of pleasure wash over your body and I see you start to speed up and your cock starts throbbing! You want to release, but I haven't given you the go to empty your heavy balls. To be honest, I just want to see how long you can go!

I can make you speed up just to tell you to slow down again. You know you are under the control of a Goddess now, so let's play a little more. I have lots of kinky ideas I want to explore. Don't worry, your time is cumming and that is my favorite part! You know, me telling you exactly how to jerk it is the fastest way to Goddess Danica's pretty little goddess heart.




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The sounds of stroking

by Ms. Constance of


As one of the guided masturbation mistresses of, I love men who masturbate and stroke their cocks for me but there are some aspects of cock stroking I love more than others and one of them is the sounds of jerking off.


Sounds of a wet cock


This is simple use lube! As a woman who loves to have horny men stroking their hard cocks for me I will tell you that nothing is more exciting than being able to hear the actual stroking. Get your favorite lube and make that cock nice and shiny and close your eyes and just listen to your hand sliding up and down. Now tell me, can you hear those sounds the wet slippery sounds of a hard horny cock being stroked? Now you know why I love to hear it!


Different lubes for different sounds


There are many lubes out there that you can use to stroke for me and I encourage you to try different ones from Vaseline and baby oil to the household item of olive oil. They all create a different stroking noise when that cock is being pumped and pulled. Find a lube that works best for you and your stroking needs but be sure it makes that hot wet sloshing noise I love to hear.


More cock stroking noises


Now there is more to it than the sound of a hard wet dick that I enjoy. It is the noises you make while being guided in your masturbation and stroking for me. Those involuntary grunts that happen send shivers down my spine and of course those full on moans and groans of passion as you stroke fast and hard for me just make my panties soaking wet!

The louder the better


I love when a man moans for me and makes those delicious jerk off sounds like “oh god” or “oh fuck.” Those sounds tell me how horny you are stroking for me, how excited you are getting from listening to me guide your masturbation session, and all the dirty things I will be whispering in your ear. Feel free to moan groan grunt and yell out if you like because the louder you get stroking that cock the hotter I get and the more I want!


No more silent stroking


If you have learned one thing by reading this, it should be that there should be no more silent stroking. Let the guided masturbation mistress on the other end of the phone hear that wet slippery cock sliding in and out of your hands. Tell her how hot it is how horny you are how hard your dick is for her and be sure to make those sexy moans. Let those words come out of your mouth expressing how good this cock stroking is!

Don’t be shy anymore. Be loud and be proud about your stroking and let those stroking noises slip out and be heard and enjoyed by the woman you are with. You will find out that her excitement over you stroking that cock for her will match just hot how hot it feels for you to be stroking that horny dick. Now let those delicious sounds of stroking come out along with all that hot cum!


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