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Hello sexy! Why am I calling you sexy when we haven't even officially met yet? Because you are willing to do something for me, that is one of my biggest turn-ons. You are going to touch and tease that gorgeous thing between your legs, and you are going to allow me to guide you on the best ways to do it. And that, to me, is one of the sexiest things I can imagine!

The sounds you make, your waves of pleasure, the willingness to let me instruct you to an orgasmic bliss you can only imagine right now. It is all so incredibly enticing to me! A delightful challenge. And I do love a good challenge.

I will find new ways to elicit your moans of ecstasy. Discover new ideas, and imagine the new heights we can elevate you to, all before you fully lose yourself to that sweet release. I will have you doing things you never even thought of, and wondering why you haven't ever thought to try them until now. And I love to see just how far I can push you, how hard we can make it on you, and how long you can take it before you explode into a blissful eruption of pleasure. Together we will expertly work that aching cock of yours into such a frenzy you may wonder if you will ever come back down off of that high.

But here is your fair warning: I've been told I can be rather addictive. So, caution: Regular interactions with me may create a positive dependency, fostering an increased desire for heightened satisfaction. Embrace the positive impact responsibly, savoring the fulfilling experience while maintaining a mindful balance to prevent an excessive longing. Once you get a little taste of me, it will leave you longing for more.

But, if you are good with all of that, with the mind-blowing orgasms and life-changing highs, then give me a call. I can't wait to get started!




Can’t decide on just one Mistress to speak with? Add a second Mistress to your call for just $1.60 per minute more.  Two Mistresses aren’t enough? No worries! Each additional Mistress is just $1.60 per minute more!


Here’s the breakdown:

One Mistress – $2.99 per minute

Two Mistresses – $4.59 per minute

Three Mistresses – $6.19 per minute

Four Mistresses – $7.79 per minute

Five Mistresses – $9.39 per minute



Mistresses of Guided Masturbation

Mistresses of guided masturbation take control of your cock and your masturbation session, instructing you on how and when to stroke, edging and teasing you to explosive orgasm.


Why You Needed the Mistresses of Guided Masturbation

There are several reasons why you need the Mistresses of Guided Masturbation.  Chances are, if left to your own devices, you will stroke yourself to orgasm the quickest way possible.  This is no fun at all and creates less-than explosive orgasms because your body knows exactly what to expect and reacts accordingly.

Admit it. You miss those explosive orgasms of your youth but you figure that’s what happens.  The first few orgasms were great because they were new but naturally, that explosiveness lessens over time.  This is true, if you don’t change things up or if you don’t turn control over to one of the Mistresses of guided masturbation, every orgasm will be slightly less exciting than the last.

When you turn control of your stroking and orgasms to a guided masturbation mistress, you experience a completely different type of stroking and edging along with sexy teasing, the combination of which will produce absolutely earth-shattering orgasms.


Guided Masturbation with Edging and Short-Term Denial

Guided masturbation is best accompanied with lots of edging and teasing.  Getting to the edge and backing off a few times before ending in orgasm really makes that orgasm much more enjoyable.  As we mistresses of like to say, “the orgasm is only as good as the build-up!”

This is why you need our skilled mistresses to guide your masturbation. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll realize how much better it is than just rubbing one out or even trying to tease and edge yourself. It’s just not the same.

Give the Mistresses of a call, today!  You’ll be glad you did!