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Guided Masturbation Erotica

Getting kinky with guided masturbation is a scorching hot time! Not only is it exciting for you, but It is also exciting and pleasing for Mistress to guide your masturbation. Talented and skilled she orchestrates a mind-blowing experience.

I am often asked what the difference between masturbation and guided masturbation is, so today, I thought I’d write about it for you. The ‘difference’ is quite simple, really. Masturbation is doing something to yourself with the intention of cumming. There are no rules and there is nobody controlling your masturbation or your orgasm. Guided masturbation is having a Mistress guide you to masturbate the way She thinks you should. Keep reading What Is Guided Masturbation? 

The most stripped-down version of guided masturbation (no pun intended) requires only your cock, your hand, and a set of directions for you to follow. However, this is like saying that all a car needs to run is an engine and a transmission. Of course, you don’t actually need an air conditioner in your car, but it sure does make the drive a lot more pleasant if you do have it. In the same way, you don’t need toys for guided masturbation, but they sure do make it more fun! Learn more about Toys For Guided Masturbation.

I am sure it is just a typical lonely night, and you are surfing the internet, looking for something to make your normal jerk off session a bit more interesting. This is when you will stumble upon guided masturbation. Of course, guided masturbation may sound silly at first, but it can be very exciting, actually. Read the Sensations Of Guided Masturbation.

You go to your Mistress for a Guided Masturbation session. This is something you’ve done many times over the years and you really enjoy the rapport you have with her. You love that she knows just how to guide you and what to say. She knows when to make you stop and just how far to go to give you the most intense orgasm. And the fact that she finds watching you exciting is an added bonus. The webcam is on, as it usually is and she is gazing at you as you happily stroke your cock. Continue reading Tease and Denial Guided Masturbation.

My Femdom Mistress has the most beautiful voice. I hear it in my dreams, taunting and teasing me. It urges me to do more and go further. She has opened whole new worlds to me with our sensual and dirty fantasy play. I see her in random moments that remind me of one of our hot scenarios and get instantly hard remembering how she twisted an innocent moment into something that excited or humiliated me or most of the time did both. That is what makes cock stroking role playing so exciting for me. Keep reading Role Play VS Straight Cock Stroking Sessions.

I’m here to share my story and let you know my reasons why you need a Masturbatrix.  A few years ago between relationships and having a long dry spell. I found myself, as you can imagine, surfing and checking out sexy sights and sites. I came across All the ladies were hot as fuck, and from their profiles, they seemed fun and knowledgeable. Continue reading Why You Need A Masturbatrix.  

Can guided masturbation be an introduction to cock control?  Is guided masturbation cock control? These two questions are often pondered and discussed.  Arguably, one can say that guided masturbation is cockcontrol even if that’s minimal control.  We are going to look at guided masturbation and how it is a form of cock control. We’ll also look at some yummy ways we can increase the power exchange and take more control of that cock. We are sure that once you click with the right partner and learn to give up control you are going to love and crave more. Read Guided Masturbation: Introduction to Cock Control.

Masturbation Sex Toys are fantastic when added to your guided masturbation session. Let’s see what Mistress has in store for you when you push your boundaries and have a different kind of fun

Femdom guided masturbation makes masturbation even hotter. But there are more benefits than a  stroking good time!  Femdoms know these things, do you? Femdom Guided masturbation secrets.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love Guided Masturbation. Of course, there are more than three reasons why you will love guided masturbation. These three are the most intriguing or among the most reported reasons why hot cocks love guided masturbation.

If you are looking for help with chronic masturbation then this is a great first step!  First things first,  are you actually a chronic masturbator, and how have you arrived at that conclusion. We also discuss various ways your Mistress can help

You have been thinking about being exposed and stroking on cam for Mistress. Getting used to the idea, and doing some research you know It is only a matter of time before you pull the trigger.  You are not alone, it is a popular option and we will see that it’s not just stroking on cam

Ms. Daphne asks, “So you want to stroke for me? What makes today any different than every other day you stroke for yourself? Are you wanting some guidance with how to masturbate?” Continue reading Ms. Daphne Discusses Stroking Sessions.

It happened one night during our second week. She had gone out shopping and I had decided to go on a fishing excursion. I purposely got back early from the trip because I wanted a little time to be alone. Read all about what happened in Caught Stroking.

The stroking assignments started a few months after we started dating. I went to his apartment unannounced and found him stroking in his bedroom. He was very embarrassed at first, but I told him that I thought watching a guy play with his cock was very sexy. Continue reading Stroking Games.

Stroking is fun and exciting. You love it. We love it. Everyone masturbates in one way or another, but here at Stroke for Me, we like to have you do it our way. Before you start getting nervous and think that means the big D – denial, let me set your mind at ease. We do love to tease and deny or just delay, but we also love to see you stroke your cock and unless you want a less than happy ending, we won’t leave you hanging. This is all about the stroking and getting to the exciting part, by doing some equally exciting things. Read more about Stroking Assignments and what they are.

Lest you forget who is in control, both of your cock and of the rest of you as well, let me remind you that you’re under complete cock control while I’m gone, just like you are when I’m there. That, at least, is going to remain the same. Continue reading Sub Gets His Guided Masturbation Instructions.

Masturbation, you love it, you’re good at it, you practice a lot and you have been doing for enough years that you feel like a pro. But are you really? Oh sure it feels good and yes, that is the point, but sometimes the journey can be just as exciting as the destination. There are even times, as with Guided Masturbation that the journey can be part of what you look forward to the most. The time with your Mistress who is guiding you is exciting and having that explosive ending is amazing of course, but also it’s an ending, so you find yourself wanting both. Still not convinced? I have five amazing reasons you should try Guided Masturbation.

Now, years later, the two of us are married. Our sex life is fantastic. He still gets his stroking orders from me and I now only let him cum sometimes. I feel that this practice makes him a much better, much more patient lover. Continue reading Teasing My Hubby.

I love all things sexy and watching men stroke is one of my favorites. I like to do edging with guys too. That’s when I let you stroke so that you’re right on the edge of cumming and then I tell you to stop. No, it feels really good to stop, I promise. I know because when I do let you cum after stopping you several times, the orgasm is really intense. Read more about Guided Masturbation and Edging.

My girlfriend thought of this great thing that involves poker. She and I play poker and if she loses a hand, she takes a piece of clothing off and if I lose, I have to stroke. Read more about it in My Girlfriend Loves it when I Stroke.

I love it when my Femdom Mistress changes it up. It keeps me on my toes. I never like getting too complacent in anything, and Mistress always make sure that I never slip into a rut. You should read about the time she had me participate in Guided Masturbation with a Cuckold Twist.

I could tell that something had been bothering my slave for awhile. He’d been working way too long and too hard at his job, for one thing. It had run him down and made him dull and lethargic. But I had just the cure for him! Read all about it in Guided Masturbation: The New Snake Oil.

Here is my philosophy on slaves and their behavior. I believe that slaves are kept solely for their Mistress’s entertainment. My slaves are in my life and in my home for in the improvement of my life. That is all. I love to watch and they are there to please so of course they stroke for me. Continue reading Making My Slaves Stroke for Me.

Stroking Assignments? The words just did not seem to go together. I looked at them and thought about it and they didn’t fit in my head as words that would be used for the same thing. Continue reading Stroking Assignments: What are they?

I’ve been a compulsive cock stroker for as long as I can remember. I love finding new and different ways to stroke my cock or have someone stroke it for me. I’ve had girlfriends that left notes for me on how they wanted me to stroke and would be very upset if I didn’t do exactly what they wanted. Continue reading this Compulsive Cock Stroker’s Story.

I absolutely love to play stroking games with men. There is just something so sexy about a man with his hard cock in his hand. I have spent a lot of time thinking up good stroking games and ways of teasing men so that they will stroke for me. Read more about it in Stroking Adventures.

So what are some techniques that a Masturbatrix might use during a guided masturbation session? There are many different methods that a Mistress might choose to use with you, and the choice often depends on the Mistress herself. That said, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common guided masturbation techniques we think you might enjoy!

Let’s talk more about masturbation techniques. When it comes to masturbation, it’s all in how you do it. Continue reading more masturbation techniques.

Here are More Masturbation Techniques. When it comes to masturbation, it’s all in how you do it. Unfortunately, many men seem to find that masturbation can quickly become routine and–dare we say–boring after a while. This is a very good reason for men to turn to a Masturbatrix to make their masturbation sessions more exciting.

On the big day, I had a group of about 20 people, some Mistresses and some male submissives, gathered in the living room, waiting for chris to get home. It turned into a real FemDom party! Continue reading Masturbatrices’ CFNM Guided Masturbation Party.

I’d always heard about guided masturbation, of course. One can hardly be in the Femdom lifestyle without hearing about it. I just never really understood the purpose. But that all changed when I Learned the Power of Guided Masturbation.

Recently, I got the chance to sit down and talk with a renowned Masturbatrix about some of her favorite subjects. She only agreed to speak with me, however, on the condition of anonymity, stating that if she was going to give her secrets away, she didn’t want the boys reading to know that the secrets belonged to her! Continue reading my Interview with a Masturbatrix.

I’ve always masturbated on my own. It was in fact something I always thought was one of those things I should do alone. Masturbation is, after all, something that you do when you don’t have a partner, or that is what I always believed until I discovered the JOI of Guided Masturbation.

After discovering my husband masturbating, he confessed to me that even though he loved having sex with me, he loved stroking his cock, too. He told me he had a Phone Mistress who played stroking games with him. I set out on a mission to become a part of those stroking games. Read more about it in Things You Should Know about Stroking.

You’ve enjoyed guided masturbation for a while and are looking to spice things up. But how? It’s possible to find new ways to make stroking exciting right in your own home. Read more about it in Guided Masturbation Using Household Items.

I love to help my boyfriend stroke and he gets really turned on by the fact that I love it. He told me once early in our relationship that he loved to stroke and did it a lot, even when he had a girlfriend. He loved sex too, but he was always turned on and ready, so stroking was his answer. Continue reading Helping My Boyfriend Stroke.

The CFNM fetish and guided masturbation are great companions. There’s something quite exciting about being naked and being told how to masturbate by a sexy, fully-clothed woman. Continue reading CFNM and Guided Masturbation.

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