3 Reasons Why You Will Love Guided Masturbation


Of course, there are more than three reasons why you will love guided masturbation  However, out of all the reasons to love guided masturbation, these three are the most intriguing or among the most reported reasons why hot cocks love guided masturbation.

We know masturbation alone, replaying your favorite fantasy, or surfing the internet can only go so far. I suppose for some, that’s enough. But judging from the fact that you are here, I’m going to guess, for you, it isn’t enough. You seek more, you deserve more. Guided maturation is that more you seek.


You’ll Love Guided Masturbation Reason One

The first reason why you will love guided masturbation is the hotness factor!  As it states guided masturbation,  the other person guides you. Tells you how to stroke or stimulate that cock to orgasm. When that other person is an experienced Tease Mistress your guided masturbation Scoville scale just jumped a few thousand units! 

Clever and creative, she knows how to push those buttons. Having a Masturbatrix who is interested in you and loves to tease and teach is an experience you don’t want to miss out on!  Mistress will guide you to one, two, or many more edges. It’s very probable she will introduce you to pleasure, you haven’t thought of before  Many crave the inguided masturbation, why you will love guided masturbation 1-800-539-6256tense orgasms they receive with Mistress leading the way.

Reason Number Two

Learn more about what that cock can really do and what it should be able to do. Is that cryptic enough for you?

Let me explain. Often a male’s masturbatory habits can become utilitarian. Meaning they scratch an itch, take care of business, and go about their day.

Most males, even those in a  relationship, masturbate often. Many times they masturbate more frequently than have intercourse. He’s taught that dick to get it done, five maybe ten minutes tops? A quick internet search tells us the average woman prefers penetrative intercourse to last between seven to thirteen minutes. Add the element of how excited that cock gets at the potential of penetrative sex, his ten-minute stamina through masturbation is realistically dropping to five. See the potential dilemma?

Guided masturbation can increase your tolerance, or ability to withhold ejaculation, at a higher arousal level for longer periods of time.  When you are trained to edge your orgasm your Masturbatrix will guide your masturbation and, train you to last as long as she needs you to.

Third Reason You’ll Love Guided Masturbation

Many who engage a Mistress for guided masturbation not only go on to have a banging hot masturbation life, and have a more satisfied partner but they find their sexual boundaries expanding.  Learning that staying hard, and keeping that cum in your balls techniques can lead to increase levels of cock control. You begin to enjoy her control more and more, with each explosive orgasm. Maybe you bring it up, maybe Mistress suggests it. More control. More kinky play.

 Mistress expands your horizons by milking that cock, and the benefits of a ruined orgasm.  Adding sex toys, like male masturbators, and prostate massagers. Relinquishing a bit more control of that cock, through denial, perhaps even chastity. Exploring all of your erogenous zones, that don’t include your cock or balls.  There is a multitude of avenues to follow when you have an experienced Masturbatrix at hand, and you relinquish control to her.

Exploring Your Options With Guided Masturbation

Where guided masturbation can take you is up to you.  How adventurous are you? Are you brave enough to give more control to Mistress? What will that control look like? It’s a valid question and one to discuss with your Mistress. Often your Mistress becomes your greatest resource for information and your erotic confessor. You wouldn’t be the first one to play with Mistress with guided masturbation and increasing levels of play, and finally, confess some deep dark secret you’ve never told anyone. So in retrospect, there is a fourth popular reason why you’ll love guided masturbation, the trust that grows with Mistress will help you be your authentic self, to finally open up to someone about your intimate secrets. We all need that kind of connection.

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