Do You Need Help With Chronic Masturbation



If you are looking for help with chronic masturbation then this is a great first step!  First things first,  are you actually a chronic masturbator, and how have you arrived at that conclusion. Our experienced opinion on your answers may surprise you. Let’s determine if you really have a chronic masturbation habit. If so then we’ll explore some motivations behind chronic masturbation. This will then help us decide what to do with your obsession with masturbation. In this essay, we will also discuss how we can help you with your chronic masturbation habit.

Am I A Chronic Masturbator

It’s important to determine if you actually are a chronic masturbator. Some carry guilt from their culture and have a skewed view of what is normal. Therefore for some who come from restrictive backgrounds, they may consider a once-a-week or several times a month as chronic.  But most assuredly if you masturbate once or twice a day you’ll get more people raising an eyebrow and leaning towards a chronic masturbation opinion. Although the frequency of masturbation is important, it’s only part of the equation.

There are a lot of men who toss one off daily.  But are not necessarily chronic masturbators. Even a twofer now and again is on the table. Still not chronic.

Chronic masturbation has a more universal symptom that will qualify you as a chronic masturbator, and that’s quality of life questions. Most will agree you are a chronic masturbator if:

Neglecting other parts of your life in favor of masturbation? Are you not focusing on your career as you should? Have you ever passed on other activities in favor of masturbation? Are personal relationships and socialization marginalized in your life or no longer part of your routine? Have you ever turned down skin-on-skin intimacy, in favor of masturbation? If you answered yes or maybe to any of these, then you can be considered a chronic masturbator. Most importantly, do you think you are a chronic masturbator, and what reasonable amount of masturbating is acceptable to you.

Femdom Erotic Help

Bear in mind, the other side of the chronic coin.  With erotic kinky and consensual play, Mistress Help With Chronic Masturbation 1-800-539-6256 18+ only erotic entertainment masturbation decides if you qualify as a chronic masturbator. The help she offers in this type of session is more on the humiliating and possibly degrading side. Here Mistress is cruel to be kind and helps you via humiliation.

With this type of play bi weekly or once-a-month masturbation might be deemed chronic because it suits your Mistress. And let’s face it, you like when she bullies you.

This is just one example of humiliation and chronic masturbation. How you and your Mistress play with the chronic masturbation elements will be reflective of you, of her. Of who you are together, your connection.


Why Are You A Chronic Masturbator

For some men, high stress, and processing their emotions through your self-love is a  common motivators behind chronic masturbators.  Anxious? Masturbate. Angry? Sad, stroke it you’ll feel better! Of course, many of you are saying it just feels really good, so why not? You have a point. But most people can balance their sexual needs without negatively impacting the rest of their life.

Having a high sex drive. The frequency of how often someone feels the need to masturbate varies, with some at one end of the spectrum having a higher need than others. Often those who fall into this category may be masturbating every day and not negatively impacting the rest of their life, but for self-improvement, better orgasms, a richer experiences want to change their habits.

Avoidance. Your preoccupation with stroking your dick could also be from avoiding something. Avoiding facing your challenges, avoiding getting into another relationship (after you’ve been hurt). It’s a common human behavior to find “something else to do”, instead of what we should do. Often deluding ourselves into thinking the task isn’t as important as stroking your cock. Effectively kicking the can down the road, so to speak, on other issues.

Change how you masturbate. In our experience, there is a certain percentage of males who haven’t developed a satisfying masturbation routine. Their orgasms are weak, and grow weaker with each orgasm during the day. There is also the case where some males give themselves ruined orgasms and don’t even realize it.

Good News There Is Help With Your Chronic Masturbation

So, you are a chronic masturbator how can we help? It depends on a few factors. In your session you can talk about the following. Mistress may review.

1- How severe are your chronic stroking habits.
2- Addressing the underlying motivators
3- Your commitment, aka your submission

After your assessment and it is determined your masturbation habits need to be changed the next steps will focus on these three areas. You also read number three correctly. To process your journey through chronic masturbation land and achieve your goals, you need to give up control. If you have never given up control of your cock and orgasms, then there will be submissive training included in your regimen.

Mistress is skilled with a multitude of training options and during your negotiations, you will be apprised of them. Let go, Trust.

Possible Avenues To Remedy Your Chronic Stroking

For those who are from those restrictive backgrounds a simple eye-opening conversation, letting them know they are not a chronic masturbator. Their routine of masturbation is normal and healthy. Sex and sexuality are so repressed in our Western world many don’t realize what is normal.  Often multiple sessions are needed to consider and reframe their thoughts about masturbation. Throughout the sessions, we help them acclimate and accept their new mindset, that masturbation is healthy and normal. You can’t change decades of social programming and toss them out the window in an hour. Often multiple sessions of varying lengths help most people.

Coerced orgasms and an increase in masturbation. Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Sure you stroke A LOT already, but what if you were required to stroke more? Four times a day instead of three. Five? Five a day for Five days. How high and how long will it take you to beg for mercy? After several cycles of this training, you experience a clarity you’ve not experienced in a long time. Where will that take you? You’ll have to find out, but often there’s a natural adjustment in the frequency of masturbation.

Cock control and masturbation management, or simply education works for others. Cock control is pretty straightforward, you stroke when told. Submit and allow Mistress to lead. She will give you tools to manage your non-masturbation time with positive tasks or hobbies to involve yourself in. With cock control training chastity is an often-used tool.

Education comes in when Mistress realizes you are not giving yourself full orgasms. If you are stopping the stimulation to your penis at the time of orgasm and ejaculation, firmly holding for instance or gently holding your cock by the base while you orgasm and ejaculate you might find keeping that stroking going for a few more moments, will increase your orgasm quality and find you are absolutely satisfied, and your refractory period is longer. For many, the head is way too sensitive to stimulate during orgasm, but keeping the stimulation on the shaft is a must-do!

These are a few of the ways your Mistress can help a chronic masturbator change their habits. Consult one of the Mistresses of Stroke For Me for your customized detailed training needs.