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Enhancing Masturbation with Household Items


Have you ever enhanced your guided masturbation with household items? You love Guided Masturbation and being told how to stroke by your sexy Mistress is fun and exciting! Who wouldn’t, in fact, love to get off with a gorgeous woman telling them how and when to stroke and what to do?

The problem comes when you’ve done it over and over again and while it is still amazing, you just can’t really get yourself as excited as you once did. The thrill is still there but it’s just not quite the same.


Find the Excitement: Masturbation with Household Items


So, you start looking for ways to get that first high back. Maybe a new Mistress or something extreme, perhaps you should try something else, whether you are into it or not. Your mind goes around and around looking for a way to make that cock happy again. Then it comes to you! Toys!

Sex toys always amp up the excitement, but which ones and what if you buy them (and lets face it they aren’t cheap) and then you don’t like them. You could ask your Femdom Mistress what toys she wants you to get and use, though that might be a slippery slope. She is a Mistress after all and this is the woman who every once in awhile laughs when you say “May I Cum?” and says “Not yet.” gleefully making you wait on the edge while admonishing you for even trying to cum without her permission.

Remembering this it’s hard to know if she is really the one to ask about what you should purchase. You may return home with dildos, butt plugs and ball stretchers, when you probably would have been happier with a pocket pussy or the newly popular Fleshlight. You know what you want but deciding which toy does what can be a daunting task.

Don’t worry though, it’s possible to find new ways to make stroking exciting right in your own home- guided masturbation using household items! Of course you’ll want to designate them as toys once you’ve used them just for safety and sanitation, but isn’t it already a little exciting? C’mon admit it!

Now your mind is reeling on the possibilities of being very naughty by taking something that you’ve used again and again for some innocent purpose and making it into something that gives you sexual satisfaction. I know just the thought of being extra naughty makes you hard.


What to Household Items to Use for Masturbation?


Masturbation with household items, masturbation with every day things, 18+ 1-800-539-6256So what kinds of household items can you use for masturbation? Oh the possibilities are really endless. We’ve all seen the part of the movie where the guy fucks the warm apple pie…That would actually work, though you want to make sure it’s not too hot or there might be a problem with your cock that made things less fun! Food is the first on the list of items.

A large jar of peanut butter can create lots of suction, same with mayonnaise, there are also room temperature watermelons or cantaloupes. With the fruit it has to be large and it must be room temp, you hollow out a section big enough for your cock, but make sure it is room temperature or you will find your cock very cold and limp.

Of course it goes without saying that these are one time use items that should then be thrown away, but while you are doing it, you can close your eyes and imagine that you have a woman there or at least that you aren’t just masturbating at home with your hand.

Another way to change up your stroking pattern is to use other items you find around the house. Things that feel different. It’s all about the way things feel on your penis after all. When you use lube, no lube, or any other kind of thing while stroking, it is all about the way it feels. So, look around for things you can use to stroke your cock that change the feeling of your hand on your dick.

Maybe a pot holder, either one that is fluffy and soft and made of cloth or one of those rubber over gloves. The kind that would really grab your cock. There are even some that are ribbed or bumped and pitted, these, coupled with some lube, will really give you a new sensation. With a little creativity you can find any number of things that you already have in your home.

You don’t have to purchase special toys and believe me, your Mistress will have fun ideas of what to do with anything you might find and what to play with, be it food or not. Any Mistress will enjoy being creative with your guided stroking to inject a little excitement into your basic stroking games, helping you amp up the excitement of masturbation with household items!

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