Exposed And Stroking On Cam For Mistress


You have been thinking about being exposed and stroking on cam for Mistress. Getting used to the idea, and doing some research you know It is only a matter of time before you pull the trigger.  You are not alone, it is a popular option and we will see that it’s not just stroking on cam!  For those who love to show off and provide entertainment by dancing or demonstrating other, skills.

Some love the erotic humiliation of being naked and exposed on cam and told how to stroke that cock.  The thought of being watched in and of itself is arousing, but Mistress watching you masturbate? Mind-blowing.

When you are naked and exposed, while Mistress or others remain fully clothed it is called CFNM, clothed female naked male. We will examine how your being naked, and playing with CFNM can be included with other kinks and desires as well.  Stroking on cam for Mistress is a hot and safe way to play with this erotic experience.


Being Eroticly Exposed

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Some become aroused at the thought of another person catching them or finding them naked. CFNM Fantasies of dissolving bathing suits, or some mishap that leaves you without clothes are some popular options.  Still, other CFNM fantasies involve you being ordered to strip and being judged.

But how do you explore or experience a CFNM fantasy and not get yourself in hot water?  This is where we come in. Keeping you safe and exploring being erotically exposed to us, is a much safer and saner option.

Some are turned on with praise for your cock. It turns you on when a woman admires your manhood. Swelling with pride, when he hears desire in her voice. “mm,  looks delicious” or “Fuck, that’s a hot cock!”.  There are many who love the praise and approval, you are not alone. Sessions revolve around positive evaluation and how much fun that cock is, or could be!

The fun explodes when control of your cock is turned over to Mistress and she not only dictates each stroke and rub she is a witness. If you’ve never tried it, don’t cheat yourself out of this hot option.

Humiliation Expoldes On Cam

Humiliation is very popular, being exposed and (or) instructed to masturbate on cam can be humiliating for you. Common sessions revolve around receiving an honest, and sometimes, harsh evaluation of your cock and balls both flaccid and even fully erect. The number one insecurity in males is their penis size. SPH or Small penis humiliation sessions where you are exposed on cam raises that humiliation level. There’s no denying, or shall we say hiding what’s right there in plain view.

Do you have a talent? Show it Off!  We will be watching as you perform for us. butt ass naked.  Sometimes giving you tasks, like performing various submissive poses, cleaning and even pain play with nipple clamps, spanks, and more!  When we are watching you it definitely increases the humiliation and makes you want more.

Entertaining On Cam

Reaching out to Mistress, arranging the cam session you know whatever happens Mistress see will all!  This is part of the fun! Once the excitement of your pending session sinks in, your heart jumps a bit when you realize you must attend to all the details!  The anticipation and preparations are part of the fun. Ensure you are prepared with your toys, are they charged? Has it been a while since you used the toy? Inspect and clean before the session. Follow Mistress’ orders regarding how you are to prepare for the session, set up, and ready to go.

Many desire to serve or entertain Mistress on cam. From humiliation tasks, already mentioned to dancing like a naughty slut for Mistress! What fun is it for Mistress when you are her personal male stripper, flinging and flaunting your sexy body with all those moves? Hearing Mistress catcall and urge those hips to swing! Gleefully cheering on your dancing slutty self. This is your happy place!

Maybe you’re feminized and flaunting it on the pole. For those who identify as more slutty and feminine, a sissy stripper it is! Mistress orders her sissy girl on the required theme or dress for the session.  Let’s not forget sissy fashion shows or feminine training is enriched when you are on cam!


Guided Masturbation

In addition to the preliminary fun, showing off, dancing or what have you stroking on cam includes guided masturbation.   Mistress will instruct your masturbation. You might be required to stroke in different positions, even with various objects, Mistress has a clever and inventive mind and if you are adventurous enough you will learn many fun ways to masturbate with your hand, toys, and even more! What could that mean? Reach out to one of our Mistresses to find out.

Many cam sessions involve just guided masturbation. Mistress can see if you are administering the strokes exactly as ordered. Holding that cum is ten times more of a struggle when you know Mistress is watching, there’s no hiding when you are on cam.

Your Desires About Being Exposed And Stroking On Cam For Mistress

We have only brushed the surface of what fun we can have on cam. We would love to hear about what you like to do or wish to do on cam for Mistress. Reach out to any of our fantastic Mistresses and confess your naughty Desires. Join us at Enchantrix Empire, or our Tease Forum to explore your desires to be exposed, naked, and on cam for Mistress.