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Guided Masturbation and Edging


You want to stroke for me, don’t you? You want guided masturbation and edging. I can see it in your face. You’ve told me before that you love to be watched while you stroke. Of course I love to watch you stroke. It makes me really HOT to watch. That’s part of the reason I became a Guided Masturbation Phone Sex Mistress. I love all things sexy and watching men stroke is one of my favorites.

I like to do edging with guys, too. That’s when I let you stroke so that you’re right on the edge of cumming and then I tell you to stop. No, it feels really good to stop, I promise. I know because when I do let you cum after stopping you several times, the orgasm is really intense. We should try it sometime.


Watching is Sexy


I know you like to do it in front of your webcam too. I love watching you that way too. Just watching your hands move as you stroke…. I think about it for days! Your voice is so sexy; you know when you’re right on the edge and begging me to let you cum this time.

I hear in my mind sometimes when I’m doing something else like shopping at the mall or talking to my friends. I won’t even be thinking of you and then I hear your voice pleading with me. I love telling you how fast or slow to stroke.

I know you have fantasies of masturbating in front of me and my friends. You can just see yourself stroking your cock while we sit, fully clothed in our skirts and blazers, watching you. When you do that, it makes the room feel like its 2000 degrees! I start sweating and fanning myself. One of my friends unbuttons the top few buttons of her blouse. It’s so hot! But no matter how hot it gets, I always take you to the edge and then make you stop.

The girls and I talk to you about your favorite television show or sports until your breathing slows down and you’re a little distracted. Then I tell you to start stroking again. Your eyes glaze over and you go at it again. One of my friends moves restlessly in her seat, letting you know that your stroking is making her wet and turned on.

This excites you even more. When we finally decide that it’s time for you to cum, we all cheer and breathe heavily as we watch the huge orgasm take you. Like this scene? Yeah, me too.


Role Play and Edging


Guided Masturbation and Edging 1-800-539-6256I love it when you tell me stories or we role play when you stroke. It is so easy to get lost in your voice and the stories you tell me. I really love telling you a really sexy story about how I walk in on you masturbating and how you’re embarrassed, but I tell you it’s okay and keeping stroking for me. I have on a silky robe that I untie and you see that I only have a pair of pink panties on underneath it. And then I pick up a camera off the dresser and take pictures of you stroking your cock.

We both know that the video camera that is always set up on the tripod in the corner of the bedroom is there so you can make movies for me of you stroking your cock. Hmmm… you like that I want to take pictures of you and have videos of you, don’t you? Of course I want them for when I’m alone and want to have a little fun by myself. You love that I can orgasm just watching you.


Guided Masturbation and Edging: Tell Me How it Feels


I want you to talk to me while you stroke. What turns you on- makes you really hot and horny? What do you think about? Or do you just let your mind go blank and just feel your throbbing cock?

Do you want me to tell you a story about a woman who wants you so bad that she’s dancing really sexy for you, hoping that you’ll see her and take her right there against that wall? Or is there another fantasy you would like more than that? Tell me what you like and I’ll make it into some hot story that makes you want to touch your cock.

Always remember that I will make you stop and take your time because I hear you breathless and moaning. I promise that, while I will make you wait, when I do let you come, it will be amazing.


Get Your Own Custom JOI Audio


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