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Guided Masturbation With A Cuckold Twist


Some men who have a fetish always firmly stick with that one thing that gets them off. They never deviate from it, and they get upset if their partner tries to deviate from it as well. These men know what they like, and they’re not open to trying something new.

I am not one of those men.

I actually love it when my Femdom Mistress changes it up. It keeps me on my toes. I never like getting too complacent in anything, and Mistress always make sure that I never slip into a rut.

Guided masturbation, of course, is one of my favorite things to participate in–obviously, or I wouldn’t be on this site. But it’s far from the only thing I enjoy. In the past, Mistress and I have combined guided masturbation with things like the old standby, tease and denial, and things that are a bit more unusual, like foot worship. Each combination has proven to be quite rewarding in its own way.

But nothing (and I do mean nothing) else can hold a candle to the time when Mistress decided to do something about my cuckold fantasies.


Cuckold Surprise


Mistress and I had talked about my desire to see her fuck other men many times before. She always seemed a little intrigued by my fantasy, but she never really seemed very motivated to make it a reality. I think she liked teasing me with it more than anything. So no one was as surprised as I was when she announced to me one night that she had a man coming over…a man she was planning on taking to bed with her!

Once I got over my initial shock, though, I was VERY excited. I couldn’t believe that I was finally about to see one of my oldest fantasies fulfilled by my beautiful Mistress. She ordered me to go upstairs to the bedroom and strip. Once I was completely naked, I was to wait until she and her bull came up, which was when she would give me further instructions.

I hurried upstairs and undressed, my hands shaking a little with excitement. I knelt next to the bed and waited for them to come, praying it wouldn’t take them long. Luckily, it didn’t. My already-hard cock surged when I heard the door open.

JOI guided masturbation withs a cuckold twist 18+ 1-800-539-6256Mistress told me to stay where I was while she and her bull undressed, but she gave me permission to watch. Her body, of course, was just as beautiful as always. When I saw his cock, my eyes almost bugged out of my head. How in the world had she found someone so hung?


Jerk-Off Instructions While I Watch


The two of them climbed into bed together, and I watched intently. Normally, you hear about male submissives being locked in chastity while their Mistresses are fucking someone else or, at the very least, being told they’re not allowed to masturbate. But that’s not how it worked with me.

On the contrary, while Mistress bounced up and down on her cuckold bull’s huge cock, she told me I could stroke for her. But, of course, being my micromanaging Mistress, she didn’t want me doing it just any old way. She wanted me to do it the way she liked it. Not that I minded.

She had me following all her jerk-off instructions while she was being fucked. I was amazed that she was able to concentrate on both at the same time! I did everything she told me, though, even stopping when she ordered me to. I really didn’t WANT to stop, but I knew that if I obeyed her, my current tease and delay would turn into tease and denial.

Mistress kept edging me for a long time, and at first, I couldn’t figure out why. But when she gave me permission to cum at the exact time that both she and her bull orgasmed, I understood. I had to wait until they got their pleasure before I was allowed to take mine.

This sort of scenario has turned into a semi-regular thing now. Mistress likes adding all kinds of tease and denial games to our cuckold sessions, and I absolutely love it!

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