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Interview With A Masturbatrix


Recently, I got the chance to sit down and talk with a renowned Masturbatrix about some of her favorite subjects. She only agreed to speak with me, however, on the condition of anonymity, stating that if she was going to give her secrets away, she didn’t want the boys reading to know that the secrets belonged to her!

Eager to hear what she had to say at whatever cost, I readily agreed. For the purposes of this interview, this lovely lady will be referred to as “Mistress S.” The following is an excerpt from our fascinating conversation. My questions and comments will be marked with “SFM,” for “Stroke For Me,” and her comments will be marked with “MS,” for, of course, “Mistress S.” I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it!

SFM: Hello, Mistress S.! Good morning, and thank you so much for sitting down and talking to me. I look forward to hearing what you have to say to us today.

MS: Oh, hello, darling! The pleasure is all mine. I do appreciate you having me here to talk with you.

SFM: You’re very welcome! Mistress S., my first question to you today is this: How long have you been a Masturbatrix?

MS: (Laughing.) For more years than I care to admit! No, really, I’ve been controlling men’s cocks for about 20 years or so.

SFM: Wow, that must mean you have a lot of insight to give us!

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MS: Lord, I hope so. Otherwise, I’ve brought you all out here for nothing! (More laughter.) I’ve really learned a lot over the years about cock control. I’d love to share it with you.


Cock Control Is Mistress S.’s Favorite Subject


SFM: So Mistress S., tell us why you love being a Masturbatrix so much.

MS: Oh, wow, there are so many reasons. Well, first of all, I just like being in control, like any Femdom Mistress does. And like any other Mistress, I’ve learned that the fastest way to control a man is to control his cock. I also enjoy how much more submissive the men around me seem to get when they realize they’re no longer the ones who have the final say over what they can and cannot do with their cocks. And, finally, I have to admit to being a little sadistic–I like when they want to cum and I can deny them.

SFM: I bet that is a lot of fun! What is your favorite method of cock control?

MS: Hmm…I’d have to say guided masturbation. I mean, I like keeping men in chastity hell for short periods of time, but it’s limiting. There’s only so much you can do with a chaste slave. I don’t mind limiting his freedom, but when it puts cramps in my ability to be creative, I’m not a fan. With guided masturbation, though, I can do pretty much anything I want. I can make him cum quickly, or I can tease and deny him for awhile. Really, guided masturbation just works well with so many other things.


Masturbatrix S.’s Favorite Guided Masturbation Story


SFM: I can definitely see where guided masturbation would be a favorite. Do you have a particular story about it that stands out in your mind?

MS: I do! I was teasing this poor boy once while I was sitting beside him on his bed. I’d tell him how to stroke for me for awhile, then stop him, then have him start again. Anyway, right as I gave him permission to cum, I shifted my weight a little. I must have hit a weak spot in the bed or something, but just as he started to cum, the bed frame gave way and dumped both of us in the floor! His cum shot all over both of us, but for him, it was as good as a ruined orgasm because neither of us could stop laughing!

SFM: (Laughing.) What a great story, Mistress S. Thank you so much for sitting down to talk with me today. I can’t wait to do it again soon.

MS: Thank you so much for having me. I hope your readers enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed telling you about it.