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Making My Slaves Stroke for Me


“Stroke for Me!” I love those words! Before I became a Mistress, I loved men and control. These are my two biggest obsessions in life. I began to test my ability to control men from the first time I realized I had that power. The other big love of my life was watching men stroke their cocks.

With these loves in mind, I started out by organizing circle jerks that I dictated on the weekends in my spare time. My male friends loved it and cried for more. Around that time, I discovered the BDSM community and, in so doing, found a much better and more fulfilling outlet for my passions. I am now a full-fledged Mistress with slaves of my own. And, yes, I make them participate in circle jerks, among other yummy activities.

But before I tell about those things, here is my philosophy on slaves and their behavior. I believe that slaves are kept solely for their Mistress’s entertainment. My slaves are in my life and in my home for in the improvement of my life. That is all.

So when people ask me why I make my slaves stroke for me and I tell them it’s for my entertainment. I love to watch and they are there to please so of course they stroke for me. I never tell them when I’m going to demand that they touch their cock for me; it’s always a surprise. They all tell me that it’s that element of surprise that makes them love being my slaves.

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“Stroke for Me” Surprise!


It is a part of their agreement with me that they must obey my every whim no matter what is going on or how they feel about doing what they’ve been asked. If they refuse or even hesitate, even once, they are no longer my slave. I don’t often ask when it isn’t convenient, but I always want that option open. I sometimes demand that they stroke for me in public or in groups.

My favorite thing to do is to walk into the kitchen where most of my slaves stay most of the time and tell whoever is present to go and gather the others as quickly as possible. Once they are all assembled, I tell them about some assignment they all have around the house that has nothing to do with stroking. After I’m finished giving them their tasks for the day and I’m about to let them leave, I tell them to stop and take their cocks and stroke 10 times as fast as they can. The newer ones are always shocked, but the ones that have been with me for a while know and I can see when they expect me to give them an order to stroke. Sometimes I play with them and don’t say anything, but just send them on their way. But I love to watch stroking, especially if it’s groups of men, so I never take too long between sessions. I do change what I tell them to do. Sometimes it’s stroke a certain number of times, or stroke as slow or as fast as they can. Sometimes it’s stroke the guy next to you or some such demand. It depends entirely on my mood.


Stroking For Each Other and For The Camera


The slaves seem to particularly enjoy stroking each other’s cock. I don’t allow them to do this without being in my presence and under my strict direction. They aren’t here for their enjoyment, but mine. I also make them sit in front of my video camera together and stroke. If there is one slave who I think looks really good at the moment, I’ll make him stroke alone in front of my camera. A few times a year I let them cum if they’ve been good all year. Then I show the films that I’ve taken of my slaves at the yearly BDSM community party. Every always loves my films and begs for copies, but I never give them out to people. In my opinion, my slaves are my business and no one else’s. But I do love knowing that I control and own slaves that other people envy. I’ve even had people want to buy or trade my slaves because they are so well behaved. My answer is always no, regardless of what I would get in return.

So this is how I treat my slaves. They get to stroke a lot, which makes them very happy and willing to obey me without question or complaint. I love my slaves, especially when they’re stroking their cocks!

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