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More Masturbation Techniques


Masturbation techniques. When it comes to masturbation, it’s all in how you do it. Unfortunately, many men seem to find that masturbation can quickly become routine and–dare we say–boring after a while. This is a very good reason for men to turn to a Masturbatrix to make their masturbation sessions more exciting.

So what are some techniques that a Masturbatrix might use during a guided masturbation session? There are many different methods that a Mistress might choose to use with you, and the choice often depends on the Mistress herself.

Rather than trying to name all of them, an exercise which could fill multiple books, we are going to mention some of the more common techniques that a Femdom Mistress might have you perform for her.

One very easy way to make your masturbation session feel completely different is to jerk off with your non-dominant hand. If you normally use your right, try it with your left, and vice-versa.

It sounds crazy, but it actually feels very different because you aren’t accustomed to making those motions with your non-dominant hand. This method is probably the easiest simply Masturbation techniques , joi , phone sex 18+ 1-800-539-6256because it requires nothing special in order to pull it off.


Masturbation With Ordinary Household Objects


Sometimes, men think that guided masturbation sessions involve lots of complicated maneuvers or specialized toys, but that usually is not the case. Most of the time, your Masturbatrix will have you use nothing but your own hands, or she will only have you use items that are readily available in your home or hotel room.

One example of masturbation with ordinary household objects would be something as simple as humping a pillow or something similar for your Mistress. As any man who has ever had sex will attest, fucking feels completely different from stroking. Moving your hips to make your cock slip in and out of an opening or along the length of an object produces a completely different sensory experience than moving your hand up and down along the length of your cock.

Speaking of sensory experiences, here’s a way to get a wonderful one. Before you begin your masturbation session for your masturbation manager, she may have you go and get two glasses from the kitchen. Then, she will have you fill one with ice and one with very warm (but not hot!) water. You’ll need to take these two cups with you to the place where you are going to conduct your masturbation session. As you jerk off, she will alternately have you put warm water and ice on your cock for the differing sensations. She may also have you stick your cock into the glass of warm water and/or the glass of ice!

Alternatively, she may have you slather Icy Hot or some other type of heating or cooling cream on your cock while you play with yourself. This, too, will give you interesting sensations that may increase your sexual excitement.


Masturbation Techniques With Toys


While toys are certainly not necessary to enjoy guided masturbation, having some toys does open up some new doors for you. One example of this would be anal toys for anal masturbation. You can use dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, or anal beads to tease and fuck your ass while you’re stroking yourself for your Mistress. She may even want you to incorporate some prostate milking to extend your masturbation session.

Another type of toy that you can use to spice up your masturbation is what is commonly known as a “pocket pussy.” Male masturbation toys of this nature are sold in most sex toy stores, both online and in brick-and-mortar locations. But, unlike many female toys, these types of male masturbation toys can be made at home using commonly available items. Your Mistress can definitely help you construct such an object to use while you jerk off for her!

As you can see, there are a variety of masturbation techniques you can use while masturbating at the request of your Mistress. And this short list is only scratching the surface! There are numerous variations on the themes listed above as well as many other completely different methods we haven’t even mentioned here!

Do you have some other guided masturbation ideas we haven’t named here? Perhaps you could share them with your Mistress during a guided masturbation phone sex call. She will probably be thrilled to add your ideas to her arsenal!