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Stroking Adventures


I absolutely love to play stroking games with men and they love these stroking adventures. There is just something so sexy about a man with his hard cock in his hand. I have spent a lot of time thinking up good stroking games and ways of teasing men so that they will stroke for me.

I have been a prick tease for a long time. To me teasing and stroking go hand in hand (no pun intended!). I started out at about 20 years old as a tease and then realized I loved to watch a guy play with his cock while I teased just as much as I did just teasing him. I also just like to watch a man stroke—no teasing involved. I’ve done both many times. Here are just a few of my adventures….


Stroking Adventures on a Jet Plane


I remember the first time I actually saw a guy seriously stroke his cock in front of me. I was sitting on an airplane by this stranger. We were in coach and the cabin was quiet. It was an overseas flight and most of the other passengers were asleep, so there was little chance of interruption or discovery.

I was just innocently teasing him, you know, just giving him a quick peek of my nipples and showing him my ass, when he opened his pants and started going at it. I was shocked at first, but then I couldn’t stop watching him touch his cock. I felt so good after that, so powerful, not to mention horny as hell. He never said anything or tried to touch me, but it was so hot!

He ended up cumming into a blanket he hastily threw over his lap. Don’t worry; he took the blanket with him when he left the plane. This experience caused me to want to recreate it every time I teased a guy. I’ve found that with a little encouragement, it’s really easy to get the guy to stroke for me.

After my adventure with Mr. Blanket on the airplane, I tried to take advantage of any and all opportunities to tease guys and make them have to stroke. I even cornered a handsome business man in a high rise bathroom and propositioned him.

I told him that I would give him a good show if he would touch his cock for me and make it hard. I unbuttoned my blouse and my jeans and told him I was serious. Turned out he was in possession of a serious sized trouser snake! He was great and I gave him a great show for allowing me to see it in its erect state. I almost asked for his phone number.


Co-ed Dorms are For Stroking


masturbation adventures stroke for me 18+One night I went to meet a friend of mine at her dorm room. I didn’t go to college, but had always felt that I had missed that experience. I was waiting for her to come back from class so we could go to dinner at a local restaurant. A prick tease like me should never be left in an upperclassman coed dorm. I got bored and went looking to have some fun.

I was looking hot in my best “going out on the town” clothes. Short skirt, long legs and a barely there top was rounded out with peep toe shoes. I smiled sweetly at a guy walking down the hallway and got his attention right away. It was easy to do when I showed him my little red thong strap peeking out from between my ass cheeks as I bent over to adjust my shoe.

By the time I made it back to my friend’s room, the guy had jacked off twice and called a couple of friends to come stroke for me too. These stroking adventures were much more fun than the dinner date I eventually had with my friend.

I also just like to watch guys stroke. My boyfriends love me especially for this. I ask men when I start to seriously date them if they have a problem with stroking their cock while I watch.

If they do, the relationship usually ends there. But most are good sports and will try it at least once. Most of the time, they find that they really love me to watch. It makes their get-off better. My favorite places to watch a guy jack off are either in the shower or sitting in my easy chair.

I love to watch movies of guys stroking, but I prefer a homemade video of some dude I know to polished porn. I want to see what you want to show, baby….C’mere…..