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What are Stroking Assignments?


Stroking assignments are fun and exciting. You love it. We love it. Everyone masturbates in one way or another, but here at Stroke for Me, we like to have you do it our way. Before you start getting nervous and think that means the big D – Denial, let me set your mind at ease.

We do love to tease and deny or just delay, but we also love to see you stroke your cock and unless you want a less than happy ending, we won’t leave you hanging. This is all about the stroking and getting to the exciting part, by doing some equally exciting things.


It’s Like A Class

Some of those exciting things are stroking assignments. Assignments sounds a little bit like school we know but we are Mistresses after all so we clearly know more about what to do with that cock than you do! So passing out assignments to you stroker guys is one of our favorite things to do. But what are they? Are you being graded? Maybe we should pass out grades and at the end of every semester give you a report card on how well you completed your assignment in each class.

Yes, I said each class. So you know now there is more than one way to get a stroking assignment. This is because not every class is going to appeal to every stroker. There are assignments in place, where you stroke; assignments that are about what you stroke with (oh yes there is more to use than your hand and lube); timed and guided assignments are next and then of course the fun and daring when you stroke; we pick the time. All sound exciting in theory but can you pass every class? Lets see.


Where do You Stroke?


Stroking assignments, joi, 18+ First there is the where. We know you are used to the one place you go to stroke. Maybe you are really wild and have a couple of places, but you can forget all about that! This is a stroking assignment after all, we won’t be choosing the bathroom or bedroom, believe it! Maybe in your car in the driveway or at your desk at work, maybe take a ride alone in that elevator and hope no one needs a ride.

We might just tell you to stand in your kitchen and stroke or visit four different friends and stroke in each of their bathrooms or some place else very naughty. You just never know where your Mistress might assign you to stroke when you take on this class. Where will you end up stroking and can you complete the assignment and get a good grade? You’ll have to try and see.


Do You Use Your Hand and Lube?


Or you can do another class, one on what you stroke your cock with. We know you are almost a professional at using your hand and some lube, but what if you have to put on a rubber gardening glove before you stroke or an oven mitt? This assignment isn’t just about using olive oil instead of lube, though it might be.

Maybe instead of touching your cock at all we’ll have you use a Fleshlight or a jar of mayonnaise or peanut butter. What you stroke with could be something very different than you’re used to or just a slight change, like using your left hand instead of your right or vice versa. Whatever the specifics, this is an assignment you’ll love and have to really work to complete.


How Fast Can You Go?


We might enroll you in a class where the assignments are all about timing and speed. This sounds almost like a physical education class, but not quite, though you will have to learn to go the distance to complete these stroking assignments. These assignments require more attention to detail.

Your guided masturbation Mistress will give you very specific instructions about stroking. Maybe tell you to put your Ipod on shuffle and stroke to the beat of the first 5 songs, then stop and start again stroking double time. Or she might have other ideas involving dice and fate deciding how much you can stroke and how fast.

Sometimes these assignments are done in conjunction with speaking to a Phone Sex Mistress and you stroke to her count or the speed at which she is speaking. You never know until you start if the assignment will be hard or easy, if you’ll get lucky or have to edge again and again to complete the class.


It’s Always a Good Time to Stroke


Finally we have the sexy Mistress teacher deciding when you stroke. You have your favorite times now, most of them with the “when I’m alone” caveat tacked on. But that might not be the case here. You see morning may be your Mistresses favorite time for you to stroke. Or she may decide that every two hours you have to stroke for five to ten minutes no matter where you are. Sometimes the instructions are simple.

Stroke for five minutes every three hours. Sometimes stroking assignments are more difficult, stroke every 45 minutes long enough that someone notices you were gone. It’s even possible that you’ll have to stroke every time someone says your whole name or every time you pass a red sports car, it’s all up to your Mistress and this is a very difficult class to pass, but a fun one! Though honestly, they all sound like fun, don’t they? *wink*