Why You Need A Masturbatrix


I’m here to share my story and let you know my reasons why you need a Masturbatrix.  A few years ago between relationships and having a long dry spell. I found myself, as you can imagine, surfing and checking out sexy sights and sites. I came across strokeforme.com. All the ladies were hot as fuck, and from their profiles, they seemed fun and knowledgeable.  I was hooked and spent some time jerking and reading and gooning over their pictures. Their profiles and voice samples really worked me up and couldn’t resist any longer. I pulled the trigger and gave one of them a call and I highly recommend you do too.

Introduction To A Masturbatrix Mistress

Masturbatrix, what is a Masturbatrix 18+ 800-539-6256I didn’t know what I was doing, nervous as fuck but rock hard! She picked up the phone and her sexy sultry voice grabbed me by the balls right from hello! I felt a ripple of excitement/fear run through me as I tried to answer her questions. “What’s on your mind? What do you like to do on calls?” Such simple questions, why did I have such a hard time answering them? I have a very people-oriented career, I talk to people all the time!

She softly giggled and asked if this was my first time, I told her it was and I didn’t really know what to say, to ask for.

Her words rang in my ears as she teased me that I was “cute” and how “adorably nervous I was”. She casually made some suggestions on some hot AF options! In just a few moments she put me at ease and it has been fantastic ever since!

My First Guided Masturbation Session

She asked me some questions, as she instructed me to softly touch my cock. How often do I jerk off,  if I use lube or not? A variety of personal questions about my habits, and what my cock looked like.  I can’t lie it was fucking hot speaking with a woman that’s interested and encouraging me to confess details about my sexual life. Through our brief discussion, I quickly realized there was a lot of kinky stuff out there I never really knew existed!

I didn’t know about orgasm control so when she asked me whose decision is it if I orgasm that day I was confused, and a bit freaked out. She explained what she meant,  and added how hot it makes her to have control over my orgasm. But if I wasn’t ready for it today, that was ok. I told her I wasn’t sure about cock control, just yet. She then made a request,  would I tell her just before I knew I was going to cum. I didn’t see any harm in that, and I agreed.

My First Explosive Orgasm With My Masturbatrix

She was an expert at masturbation instructions and just the right things to say. She teased my mind and my cock  having it dripping in just a few minutes. I learned what a true edge was, and she had me squirming all over my bed after a few of them. She taught me and taunted me, it was thrilling.

I can still hear her teases. Oh, that cock is so fucking hard! I just love teasing it, make it harder for me.  I knew in a few more strokes I was going to blow, I panted “I think I’m going to cum”. She exclaimed Oh, NO Not yet, stop!  her firm flat voice stopped me in my tracks. I felt that orgasmic elevator shrink back a few floors.  With her sexy voice, she said: Ask me, ask me to cum, say Mistress May I Cum. That’s so fucking hot! Her voice was like the strings of the puppeteer, as she played with and in my head. I was silently screaming yes, but eeked out an Uh Ok!

Pump that cock again, her voice sultry and commanding me. I resumed, and I was back in the game again and it didn’t take long to edge again. I asked “May I cum?” she gleefully said YES! It was one pump and I was off. My body, not just my cock exploded! I literally saw stars!

Since Then My Masturbatrix Has Taught Me A Lot

Of course, I called her back again and again. She was so easy to talk with and happy to hear from me. Although I’ve been playing with my cock for years, she knew ways to stroke or stimulate my cock I never thought of. I learned some simple exercises to increase my libido and how to better control my orgasms. Orgasm-edging masturbation has never been the same since I’ve been calling my Masturbatrix. I have learned about ruined orgasms and wow, what a mind fuck that is! As you may have surmised I’ve asked her to take me a bit further down the rabbit hole into more cock control.

Why You Need A Masturbatrix

It was a real game-changer for me. Knowing there are women out there, excited and happy to play with my cock. How satisfying and all the kinky and fun ways a Masturbatrix can make your masturbation hotter.  I feel happier and more confident with my sexual prowess and my overall self-confidence has also increased. Having a Masturbatrix take control of my masturbation has really made my life simpler. I just get comfortable, make a call and she makes it hot as fuck!

She’ll sometimes give me assignments on what I should do between sessions. Assigning keyword searching and finding hot videos to share with her. I’ve been told to only view gifs of legs, tits, or ass. She also had some creative ideas about DIY toys.

Masturbation Fun Options

My Mistress has also passed me around to some of her friends. During one session I confessed a fantasy of mine. I told her about being playfully pushed around and shared among a gathering of girlfriends.

Masturbation Masturbatrix 1-800-539-6256 18+ only

She got really excited and told me about the pass the penis game.  She made it fun by planning and teasing me about the sessions beforehand. We looked over the various profiles together to select a few for me to reach out to. She also told me we could really live on the edge, and let the dispatchers pick ladies for me!

I was so nervous, I hadn’t called other ladies before. Mistress said it would be fun and something I had to experience, considering my fantasy. She was right, she has always been right and I couldn’t be happier. I had a blast, it was mind-blowing. I played with my Mistress last. A perfect ending.

Our next journey will take us to multiple Mistress calls and I’m both terrified and aroused! I just take a deep breath and know my Mistress will take very good care of me.

If you were on the fence about engaging an online Masturbatrix, hop off that fence and make that call. You won’t regret it.