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Why You Should Try Guided Masturbation


Masturbation, you love it, you’re good at it, you practice a lot and you have been doing for enough years that you feel like a pro. But are you really? Have you tried guided masturbation phone sex? Oh sure masturbation feels good and yes, that is the point, but sometimes the journey can be just as exciting as the destination. This is where a guided masturbation Mistress comes in.

There are even times, as with Guided Masturbation that the journey can be part of what you look forward to the most. The time with your Mistress who is guiding you is exciting and having that explosive ending is amazing of course, but also it’s an ending, so you find yourself wanting both. Still not convinced? I have five amazing reasons you should try Guided Masturbation and once you read them, you’ll see things my way.


1) Same Old Thing Gets Boring.


Okay you stroke your cock. It feels good, but you do it the same way all the time. You have your way, whether it’s lubed up or not and you do it every time. Oh sure, you think you change things up, but you don’t.

You know you go to the same couple of spots, get in the same position and stroke. Why? Because it works for you of course, but as we talked about, you’ve been doing this for years, so now instead of being hot and fresh, it’s just stroking. It’s like dating the same woman your whole life. Eventually you will want to try something new…

2) A Mistress Will Push you Farther.

masturbation , edge, edging 18+Yes push you further! Don’t worry this doesn’t mean someone extreme that you won’t love. But we are talking about a Mistress and no Mistress is going to just sit idly by while you do the same things you’ve been doing.

Oh sure, you know what you like, but do you know how it feels to get almost there and stop? Do you know how it feels to have a gorgeous woman encouraging you to do it again after you cum? You will.


3) Edging Rocks.


I just mentioned it a little bit in #2, but have you ever really experienced edging? I bet you haven’t, at least not the way we do it. That’s okay because it’s hard…literally, to hold off when you really want to cum. You know when you’re alone and you are stroking that cock. You think about it. You tell yourself that maybe you could stop when you get close and really make it last, but you don’t.

When you get close you start stroking faster and faster and then explode! But with a Mistress, that doesn’t happen. She is guiding you, so you have to listen to her. When she tells you to stroke slower, you stroke slower, when she encourages you to do it faster, well you get to stroke faster and when she tells you “Stop and get that hand off my cock!” just as you reach the edge…Well that’s how you make it last.


4) Fresh New Ideas.


Seems like I already told you about one of those didn’t I? Edging might be something completely new to you or not at all. But regardless, having a guided masturbation session will open you up to a multitude of new things. Not just the speed you stroke or ways to stop when you’re told to stop. But lots of new things to try.

Do you always stroke with lube? Try it without or use something else that your Mistress comes up with. Maybe you are happy stroking in the bathroom, but have you tried the living room? Think how naughty that will make you feel. These are just a couple of ideas, we have so many you’ll be surprised and excited over and over again.

5) Everything is Better with A Partner.

You know it’s true. If it weren’t no one would ever fuck, or get married or date or even hang out. We love to be with someone else and you know you love to show off that cock. When you are in a guided masturbation session, you can!

Your Mistress might even be persuaded to watch you on your live cam and see just how that cock looks. Or she’s there to tell you just what she likes to see a man doing with his cock. We all have our own special ideas and you get to be part of them when you have a guided masturbation session.

Best of all, you don’t have to just masturbate. You get to show off and listen to a sexy woman tell you all about your cock and stroking it and you get to do what we say and make us happy. See it’s a winning session all around!