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You Need Some Guided Masturbation JOI in your Life


I’ve always masturbated on my own. It was in fact something I always thought was one of those things I should do alone- until I discovered guided masturbation JOI.  Masturbation is, after all, something that you do when you don’t have a partner, or that is what I always believed.

Sex is when you can convince a girl to get naked with you, masturbation, stroking my cock, jerking off…That is what I do when I need to get off and don’t have a girlfriend or even a potential to fuck.

Recently I learned that masturbation is also much better with a partner. In fact, it’s so good that now when I try to do it alone, I just feel like I would if I decided to hump a pillow and call it a woman. Yeah, she ruined me, now I’m spoiled to her voice.

She taught me that guided masturbation was better than going it alone. Apparently women know how to jerk off my cock better than I do and I’ve been doing it a long time! They know how to do everything better…That just isn’t fair, but damn I’m not going to complain because it is so good when she gives me her version of stroking guidance. She calls it JOI. (Pronounced like “joy”)


The Hot New Woman at Work


JOI Instructions 18+ 1-800.539.6256Before I go too much further, let me tell you how this all started. I mean, a guy doesn’t go around asking hot babes to help him stroke his cock. Well, I didn’t anyway. But when I met her, I didn’t have to, she let me know everything we were going to do. It was at a party at work, yeah, I’ve been stroking alone for the first quarter of my life at least and she was the advertising representative who had just transferred in from the New York office.

Gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe and terrified doesn’t begin to describe how I felt looking at her and knowing my cock was getting hard and I’d be happily stroking my cock later thinking of her. Why terrified? Because she smiled at me, in that way. You know what way I mean, the way that lets you know she would happily let you crawl across the floor to her.

I didn’t, but it wasn’t long before I’d consumed enough alcohol to walk over to her and announce that I thought she was beautiful. I’m still not sure if she’d been drinking too or just took pity on me, I think it was the later, but I like to pretend it was my charm. She agreed to dance with me and even pressed her body close against mine, close enough for me to feel like I was the luckiest guy because I was about to get lucky.

When she agreed to go into my office with me and close the door, I was imagining every porn movie I’d ever seen of the boss fucking the secretary on the desk. I was picturing it so hard that I didn’t notice at first, she had taken the seat behind the desk and with her legs crossed was looking at me like she was the boss man and I was the secretary. T

hat’s when she got my attention by ordering me, yes ordering, to take off my pants. She started talking about how she knew I’d been hard all night and she wanted to see what I do when I go home alone. I’ll admit that I didn’t think about arguing. I just did it!


Guided Masturbation JOI “Jerk Off Instructions”


She said, she was going to bring some joy into my life. She meant  guided masturbation JOI, the acronym for Jerk Off Instructions, I thought she just meant I was about to be very happy. It was both. She showed me that night in the office what I had been missing all those years.

You see, if you are just stroking your cock all alone, you are missing out on an amazing experience, something you can’t even imagine until you have tried it. Getting Jerk Off Instructions from a woman who is watching you rub your cock is so much more intense than any time you spent on your own just playing around with it. Her voice, telling you how fast or slow and saying with a breathless pause..”Faster” is just like fucking her.

Okay not just like it, but damn close. And the added excitement is you are showing her your naked cock, while she is possibly still completely dressed, making you the center of attention. I know that sounds vain, but it’s one of the things that bring me ultimate JOI.