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Guided Masturbation: The Pleasure of Being Watched and Guided While Masturbating

Written by Mistress Tanya of
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Masturbation. It is the art of of providing sexual gratification to ones self. It has existed since humans have understood that in the their hands lies the ability to satisfy. Since the beginning of time humans, especially men, have received some of their most intense orgasms while masturbating. It starts at a very young age and over time masturbation becomes part of some men's regular routine. They start understanding their sexual pleasures and desires and through the art of masturbating attempt to escape reality for a moment to discover a new sexual paradise.

Masturbating can be enjoyed by everyone because anyone can do it. Most men masturbate in private to eliminate the embarrassment of reaching their sexual peak alone. (It's also illegal in many places to masturbate in public-lol). Over time several props such as the "pocket pussy" have been created to help intensify the pleasures of masturbating. While there are no set rules for masturbating, everyone can agree that the excitement of an orgasm is better experienced in the presence of another person. Whether watching them or them watching you, listening to them or them listening to you, the thought of another person enjoying you masturbating develops a feeling of having actual sexual contact with someone. This feeling is 10 times greater when you are guided through your masturbation under the supervision of a woman who enjoys directing the art of masturbating.

Why Stroke Alone - When You Can Share your Masturbation?

Masturbating alone becomes too routine over time for many men. There are never any real surprise because they already know what to expect. There's always the possibility of being caught in the act but that is a decision we can all make so it removes the excitement of not knowing what will happen next. Solo masturbating over times transformed from something men look forward to into something they rush through thus becoming boring. Sex should never be boring.

Guided masturbation, on the other hand, is always erotic and never the same. It challenges men's sexual agility to be pleasing which is not experienced while masturbating alone. Providing sexual gratification to ones self under the guidance of a beautiful woman takes away the possibility of sex ever becoming boring. Every guided masturbation session becomes as intense as the first because just as a man begins to think they know what to expect, everything changes and they are left several strokes away from an orgasm like no other.

Masturbating alone involves no self control and men are able to climax at anytime. In fact, the estimated time of ejaculation can usually be determined from previous solo masturbating experiences. While the end result of "cumming" is always pleasurable, when the journey to a persons climax is not predictable, as with guided masturbation, the level of pleasure can not be measured on the same scale as climaxing during solo masturbation or even actual sex.

Guided Masturbation = Relinquishing Control

Guide masturbation requires a person to momentarily give up control and allow another person to determine their sexual path. While being guided to provide sexual arousal to themselves, a man lets down their guard and opens their mind and body to be able to receive every masturbation instruction clearly. Since a woman is now in charge of their stroking and being able to "cum", men must be fully attentive during their time of weakness. The challenge of following the guided instructions and fighting the urge to climax allows men to reach new levels of "arousal".

There is also a level of vulnerability during guided masturbation that is pleasing to both men and women. For men, knowing that the simple task of masturbating only at the request of a woman becomes a sexual game to please her. For women, being able to control a man's orgasm is a treat in itself. Everyone knows that men ejaculate easier and faster than women so being able to delay and deny that process from happening so quickly gives women great pleasure.

While masturbating alone men usually ignore the fact that there are other levels of arousal that can be explored while masturbating and simply ejaculate, sometimes without warning. During guided masturbation, the new levels of arousal are not only explored but are visited several times without ejaculating. This means that a man can masturbate and instead of "cumming" as they usually do when the urge hits them, they fight through the temptation and hold it.

When You Don't Get To Decide When the Orgasm Happens

The idea of holding their cum can be very intimidating for some men. They are under the assumption that their cock will not be able to resist the temptation and cum without warning, but this is not true. There are simple techniques such as not stroking that can eliminate the chance of cumming too soon as with solo masturbation. Since a woman will be in control, a man will be able to strengthen his ability to prolong ejaculation. He should never assume that they will be able to release as easily as he has in the past. Instead, he should know and fully understand that every step of him masturbating will be decided for him. Everything from the application of a lubricant, the exact hand position, the stroking pace, and the exact moment of release will be up to the person in charge.

This is why it is very important to have someone who is very experienced and enjoys providing masturbation guidance like myself. Just because masturbating was originally designed to be enjoyed alone, why should you. There are women like me who find pleasure in guiding a man to the highest level of sexual elation. It is very erotic being able to listening to a man climax as he strokes then abruptly making him stop right before he is about to release. Hearing him moan and beg for permission to continue stroking becomes music to the ears.

Through guided masturbation a different type of sexual relationship is formed. There's the man who may have never discovered the joys of resisting the temptations of his cock. Then there's the woman who already understands that all good things cum to those who wait. The combination of the two leads to a discovery of a sexual universe that is often left uninhabited.

Guided masturbation is for those men who are turned on by the natural tease and denial of women and are ready to momentarily give up complete control of their cocks. As stated earlier, anyone can masturbate because there is no real skill involve-just different techniques. It takes a real man to be able to let a woman have her way with his cock. How real are you?

Written by Mistress Tanya of
For guided masturbation sessions by phone, call 800-356-6169


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