What, Exactly, is Masturbation Guidance?

Guided masturbation is what it sounds like: it’s you masturbating, and it’s guided. How is it guided? It can be guided in a variety of ways when you are having phone sex. Read on to find out how you can be guided in your masturbation sessions.

Masturbation sessions can take place in a variety of ways - one of which you are given instructions on how to stroke your cock. Many strokers love to be told how to stroke their cock while listening to a sexy voice on the other end, and they sometimes also love to be denied orgasm, or just love to be told when to cum. Hearing a lady telling how to stroke, when to stroke, for how long makes for a very erotic guided masturbation session!

Another way to approach masturbation guidance sessions is through fantasy role play. You are being guided through the telling of a very erotic story through phone sex, and it can feel as if the lady you are speaking with is there with you - actually stroking your cock for you, or whatever fantasy you wish to talk about during your masturbation guidance session.

Also, masturbation guidance sessions can also be visually-driven. You can watch pornographic videos, or look at erotic pornographic photographs as your phone sex lady guides you through, and you both look at the images together. This can make for a very erotic phone sex session - having you visually captivated while listening to an erotic voice on the phone.

However you like to have your masturbation guidance sessions, you can always have one with the Mistresses of cockcontrol.com! We love to guide your cock!