The Most Challenging Stroking Positions

If you are a stroker boy, and you spend a lot of time masturbating, you may have stumbled onto some challenging stroking positions that get your heart rate up, drive you to the edge and make you have one amazing orgasm. If you are still looking for those mind-numbing explosive orgasms, go ahead and try this tried-and-true techniques below.

Stroking doggy style - Get on your knees and put both hands on your cock. Make sure you have plenty of lube, or if prefer it dry, that is okay too. Imagine that you are having sex in a doggy style position, and leave your hands rather stationary and move your hips into your hands. You’ll find that this action of moving your hips provides some great edging and getting you close to orgasm. Bear off from having an orgasm for at least two or three edges and then let yourself have a mind-blowing orgasm!

The squat - Sit down very low until your bottom is almost hitting your feet. You may want to lean up against a wall or a piece of furniture for back support. Grab plenty of lube. Stroke in this position until you cum. This position provides a very awesome orgasm experience!

Interlocked - Take two hands and interlock your fingers together, placing the palms of your hands on your cock. Now, start stroking up and down with those palms and squeeze your cock, especially over the head. Keep repeating until you have an incredible orgasm!

There are tons of orgasm control and stroking techniques we could teach you, so if you would love to learn more - contact one of the ladies at! Oh, and we love to watch on cam too to make sure you are doing what you’re supposed to. So fire up your cam and give us a call!