Ms. Daphne Discusses Stroking Sessions


Ms. Daphne says Stroke for Me!So you want to stroke for me? What makes today any different than every other day you stroke for yourself? What prompted you to search and find this site? (I would really love to know, but that’s an aside.)


Guided Masturbation


Are you wanting some guidance with how to masturbate? We know you have jerked off since you were much younger and you do know how to do it without help, but oh, it sure can be fun to have a Mistress guide you. We are the bomb with Jerk Off Instructions (JOI).

Some of the benefits of guided masturbation are that you can explore different sensations than the ones you have been feeling for decades. We Mistresses are cock experts. Yes, we know you are the expert for your own cock, but if you can allow us to have a hand (so to speak) with your masturbation experience, we might be able to bring you to new places you never knew existed. How great would that be?

Maybe you are wanting to stroke for me on Skype? You cannot know how much fun it is to watch you stroke while we sit back and look at your hand pulling that dick up and down… just for us. We would love to offer some CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male) guided masturbation if that is something you desire.


Tease and Denial


Oh, I know! You want us to do some gooning play with you? Do you know what Gooning is yet? It’s when we tease and deny, bringing you close to cumming… over and over and over again. It brings you to a place of utter bliss that drives you bonkers. So much so, you don’t want to quit! Tease and denial was never so much fun.

For those of you who are playing tease and denial with us, do you know what happens if you fall over the edge and begin to have an orgasm? YOU RUIN IT! Haha! Do you know how to have a ruined orgasm? You get your hand off your ejaculating cock and allow the cum to dribble out while we laugh our heads off at your misery. Next time, you will obey instructions and not orgasm when we tell you not to.



Masturbation Humiliation for the Win


As if ruining your orgasm wasn’t enough to humiliate you, we can also embarrass you to near-tears, the kind of humiliation that makes your dick hard. For those of you who love humiliation, there are an infinite number of ways to tease you (in a good way) to embarrassment that makes your cheeks hot with shame. We can giggle at your dick size, especially if it is smaller than normal-sized. That is always fun, don’t you think? We sure do. We can make fun of the way you masturbate, too… if, for example, you hump a pillow instead of using your hand to jerk off. (Remember, this is ONLY if you get off on this kind of humiliation. Not everybody does.)



Take Masturbation to the Next Level


If you masturbate the same way every day, some stroking instructions can be just the thing to mix things up in your personal sex life. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel new sensations and have a different sort of experience, all without looking for a new partner?

Doesn’t it sound like a party to have some femdom masturbation instructions? We femdommes really do have some clever and unique ways for you to enjoy yourself while we are having our Mistress phone sex session. Or even camming sessions on Skype. Or there is also texting on Skype. We want to be available to you in any number of ways. See how easy it is to stroke for me?

Are you ready to stroke for me? Let’s go!