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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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It's throbbing, isn't it. Your cock, it's getting so hard even as you read my words. Don't you want to rub it for me, stroker?

Sure, I could do it for you. Any woman could. But what fun would that be? I much prefer to watch. My favorite thing is to see you rub that cock, to caress it and massage it and make it grow. I love to guide your stroking, teach you new techniques, and tease you while you do it, click here to hear me teasing you.

I am a sensual Goddess who loves to control your cock, and your cock stroking. When you call me, leave the work and thinking to me. Just follow my words, and guidance, as I expertly guide your hand to provide pure bliss for your cock, bliss that your entire body will feel, not just your penis, even before you explode, if that is where things lead to. It isn't, always, you know :)

My way is the way cock stroking was meant to be done. With excitement, and freshness, and extreme stimulation.

Aren't you tired of stroking alone? You need my sweet voice in your ear, with shockingly naughty words coming out, inspiring you and encouraging you to rub it, wank it, tug it again and again, over and over in all different ways. Stroking techniques you have never thought of but that are sure to make your cock tingle like never before.

Why not treat your cock to some fun? Call and ask for Princess Melanie, and let's get started.