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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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You move your hand over the head of your cock and whisper "Mistress Simone." Your cock shakes a little bit in the excitement of speaking my name. You stare at my body and you wish I was in front of you right now. Then you hear my husky voice that matches my firm body, and your cock stretches in anticipation.

I tell you to hold on to your cock firmly without stroking it, while I caress my breasts. You obey me, but your cock leaks and you feel a shimmer of electricity run through your body. The torture is exquisite. You want so desperately to stroke it for me.

The fantasy continues: I run my well-manicured finger across the head, and the precum bursts free. I take my hand and put it over your own and look into your eyes. Your breath has become ragged and I sense and feel your excitement as my own. I move slowly to your neck and you feel my breath. You smell my vanilla and peppermint cologne as my hard nipples move closer to your chest. My nose nuzzles the underside of your ear. I run my tongue and nibble gently over the rim of your ear because I love teasing you.

I whisper one phrase to you that I know will drive you mad and over the edge with wanton lust. You know what I will say before I even speak, because we've done this before. However, it doesn't matter. Every time is the best time with me. Everything about me excites your senses. So I lean in close and whisper those blessed words, "Stroke for me," and then we kiss passionately.

Don't keep me waiting any longer for you. I hunger to have you stroke it for me.