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You might be wondering how I know so much about you, when we've never even talked before. But I know this:

I know that you get hard when you see cute little princesses like me walk by...I know that you close your eyes and stroke your cock thinking of girls like me in short shorts...miniskirts...high heels....belly-baring tops...

And I know it makes you even harder to think about me watching you stroke your cock.

I know lots of things that will make your cock hard ::giggle::

So call and let me tell you about those things. Better yet, get your webcam set up and let me watch you stroke your cock while I tell you!

Do you want to show me how big and hard you get when I tease your cock? Do you want me to tell you how I want to see your hand sliding up and down...just like you do when you're alone in your bed at night, thinking about hot girls like me?

I know you do ::giggle::