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That cock of yours is just craving attention isn't it?! Oh, wait a minute?I think I misspoke. MY cock is just craving attention?yes, that's much more like it! It's really MY cock now, wouldn't you agree? Since you are looking to me for guidance, instruction, attention, and that all important sexy inspiration! Well then, of course it must be mine, right?? Or, at very least, it's mine for the moment?. mine to enjoy while we spend this delicious time together, you and I.

And you DO want to be my most favorite ?jack off? boy, don't you?! Well?I will tell you just how you can apply for the position. Turn on that cam for me, grab your most slippery lube, your most favorite toy, and get ready to be guided on a journey of masturbatory bliss!!

Yes, I will tell you how to stroke it for me?long slow stokes?short quick strokes?focusing lots of attention on that big swollen bulbous head, holding and rubbing?squeezing and pulling those lovely full balls. Yes, it is so sexy to have a beautiful woman guiding and controlling just exactly how you touch yourself?isn't it?! Yes, I know!

Let me hear you?hear all of your lovely little moans and groans as the intensity builds in that cock?in those balls. Yes, cum on?. don't be bashful now?let it out! I want to hear that slick, slippery, wet, glistening cock. That hard throbbing shaft that you've enveloped with those horny little fingers of yours. Mmmmmmmm yes, watching you makes me smile?makes my pretty little pussy drip! Hearing you utter??Oh yes Goddess, you are so beautiful and I want to cum just for you!?