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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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I will tell you a secret: I enjoy watching or listening to you stroking your cock almost as much as you enjoy doing it. I am Mistress Marlena, and I will be your Stroke Mistress as you play with your cock for me on the phone or webcam.

I enjoy hearing your breath get heavy and hot as you tease yourself into orgasmic bliss. I savor the sight of your body tensing and writhing in pleasure as you rub, caress, and stroke your cock for the Mistress on the other end of the phone or webcam.

Let your grip tighten around your cock as you hear my smooth, sultry voice describing exactly what I see and hear. Feel yourself throb and beat to the rhythm of my instruction, and prepare yourself for the explosive release you will experience when you know you are stroking for your Mistress.

Is it my guidance that turns you on most? Does it excite you to be guided and directed to stroke your hand along your cock? As your Stroke Mistress, I can sit back and excitedly observe, or I can lead you through your pleasure. Do you want to perform for me as I tell you where to touch and how fast or slow to do it?

Or is it the CFNM humiliation that turns you on most? Do you desire to be the naked male in our clothed female/naked male scenario? Do you twitch and throb at the idea of a sexily dressed woman seductively ordering you to strip before her and begin stroking? When you are performing for me on webcam, you will be exposed and unguarded, but that will only make you more aroused. Become the sex object of my watchful eye, and enjoy the liberating arousal of your exhibitionism.

Whatever your motivation for stroking for me, I want to experience you jacking off. I know you are ready to show me, so prepare to pleasure yourself as I watch, listen, and delight in your masturbation session.