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Are you a compulsive stroker or secret masturbator that just can't help himself? I can only imagine how often you reach for that cock. It's just so quick to access, so easy to work out of your pants at any given moment. A sexy video, an alluring picture, even a voice on the phone can do it. And what about those times that catch you by surprise? The pretty girl at the bank? Your wife's friend? Just imagining a sexy actress naked and spread wide can be enough to take you over! Your mind can't help but wander as you imagine all the dirty things you ache for. Suddenly, there's no stopping you. That cock is out and your hand can't refuse. You probably stroke not even realizing it! But why stroke alone when you could have an audience? There's no reason to sit by yourself and be the lonely stroker when a sexy Mistress wants to listen in and watch as much as I do! There's just something so incredibly hot about how you take that cock and make it hard, coaxing it into submission. How about you let me talk you through everything, and we can both make that cock do what we want? You want to cum and I want to make it even better for you. So don't be shy about showing me everything! Let me hear every whimper, every little thrill. Stroke for me. Let's see how sexy we can make it.