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I'm Roselyn and I have one question for you. You like it when I watch, don't you? It actually makes your dick harder when you know you have my attention. Your dick feels warmer because I am looking at it. It feels so good for you to see me across the room watching you. You find me to be beautiful and the way I look at your cock makes you want to come right now. You have to wait and stroke until I am ready to see you release.

I approve of how you are stroking it. Does that excite you knowing that I approve of how hard it is for me? You've made it all shiny with oil and made it hot and sexy for me. Very good stroker boy, very good. Keep that dick up I want to see more. I want to watch you. I want to instruct you. I want to control your movements. I want to know you are stroking that cock just for me. I like how your muscles flex and jump as you pump your dick for me. Very good! I like how you pump it, stroke it for me. I have been watching men stroke since my first boyfriend in college. I understood then how weak men could get when you watch them stroke it for you. I have seen so many men give their cocks to me in that way giving me their orgasm. I want to tell you how to touch it. How to stroke it the way I know will feel good for you.

I like to assert control in almost every sexual action. Watching you stroke your dick will be no different I am always in control. Do you want to stroke it for me? Do you want me to watch you release? Can you imagine how good it will feel when you come as I watch? Open up and share with me how you stroke that hard dick.