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Kay Marie

Toll Free Number: 800-356-6169

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I love to be watched when I play with myself. And if I can't be watched, I like to share and be heard.

There are many, many things that turn me on. One thing that really turns me on... imagining you, with your hard cock in your hand, stroking it, just the way I tell you to. Long... slow to start. I want to hear you build up. Will you play with your balls? What about your ass? You will if I want you to! LOL I also like to share my toys... does that interest you? A little vibrator on your balls... or maybe a plug in your ass....

Your breathing will start to get heavy and you'll stop talking as much... just low, growling words will escape your lips. Will I let you stroke hard and fast on your head? Will I give you that release you are so close to having? Or will I back you down? Maybe I'll start talking about the weather... only to build you up again. Will you start to beg? I like when you beg. When you beg it turns me on. Beg and call my name.

As much as you love to stroke your cock for me, I love it too. I love that you are on the edge. You want to cum. You want to explode. And what I love the most... you want to do that all for me.