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I know you're there... you're stroking your cock, wondering if you should call me. Well here I am, and I'm telling you to pick up the phone and call me. Climax through masturbation is so much more powerful when you are no longer in control of the rhythm and movements. Your hands are my tools, an extension of my sensual voice flowing through you. Slowly caressing, showing you that guided masturbation can be so much more than a frantic race to completion.

You will surrender to me and you will listen to your princess tell you exactly how I want you to pleasure yourself for me. Stroking, teasing, and aching as you glide your hands over your body and along your slippery cock. Feeling that exquisite pressure gathering in your loins into a force of nature that cannot be stopped or denied. Or can it? Lol. The choice of course, is up to me.

Your entire body will be my new adventure. And I'm going to take my time and explore all of your secret places, discover all of your hidden sweet spots and use it to bring you to an orgasm so powerful, its intensity may unnerve you at first. An orgasm you've never experienced when stroking alone.

I can't wake to talk to you and listen to you stroke for me and watch you stroke for me on cam. You will find out very quickly how entrancing I am and how you can't keep yourself from coming back for more!