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You wanted a quick bite to eat after work. I don't blame you but I was very delighted that you called me whilst dining.

The background sounds of the other diners, vaguely Euro Techno music, the clattering of plates and silverware and you listening to me on the Cell. I made you visualize stroking your Cock and you struggled, trying so hard to pretend you were on a business call. That was priceless. I'm shocked that you even got your Wine order straight.

A napkin on a lap is a Man's best friend! Oh, how that napkin danced to my every word. The thought of your fingers starting at the base of your shaft and slowly massaging their way to the head of your cock, then around the rim. The increasing pressure and slow stroking, and rhythmic pulling at your pulsing cock.

There you are dining in a Restaurant all hot, bothered, and alone. Smart move, that ploy of yours of taking notes, your head bent down, spell bound at my hands free cock control.

I excused you to go to the lavatory, where you entered the stall, down with the pants and released your imprisoned prick. Still I made you wait and directed you pleasuring your Cock. Stroking, pulling, massaging, your once red cock, now purple with need for agonizing release. Your Sac so tight, agonizingly tight, that I could have bounced a Dime off of it.

And then I allow you to cum and you stuff your tie in your mouth to suppress your groans as you explode with release.

Weak in the knees. You collect yourself and return to your table and crack the top of your CrГЁme Brulee. It's perfect.