Tease And Denial Guided Masturbation

Tease and Denial Guided Masturbation


You go to your Mistress for a Guided Masturbation session. This is something you’ve done many times over the years and you really enjoy the rapport you have with her. You love that she knows just how to guide you and what to say. She knows when to make you stop and just how far to go to give you the most intense orgasm. And the fact that she finds watching you exciting is an added bonus. The webcam is on, as it usually is and she is gazing at you as you happily stroke your cock.


The Waiting Is The Hardest Part


So here you are in the middle of your session when she suddenly stops and says it’s time for you to go home. You’re done for the day. At first you think she’s joking; that she’s just stopping for a while to distract you. But then you see the resolve in her face. She means what she is saying! What the fuck?! Keeping your eyes down and being very respectful, you ask why she stopped. She tells you that denial is good for the soul and the cock and that you are not to touch it again until you are given permission. You can’t argue with your Mistress without repercussions, so you have no other choice but to go home and wait. And wait.


Every day you wake up hopeful that this is the day your Mistress will call and tell you that you can touch your cock. The idea that you can’t is making you a little crazy. You never realized how much you needed to masturbate until you couldn’t. You thought about your hard cock a lot before this and now you’re obsessed with stroking. You can’t concentrate on anything anymore except your throbbing cock.


Then She is There and You Are Ready


Finally, she calls. The sound of her voice gives you a full boner in 10 seconds flat. She tells you that she has an assignment for you and when you are finished you are to come see her for another stroking session. She says that you are to stoke your cock in front of a mirror five times. Each time you are to stop before you cum and go and do something else for a few minutes. You are not to have an orgasm until you go to see her. She says that she wants to watch you cum and that she will know if you cheat. There is a very stern warning for her if you cheat. There will be severe punishment if you cum before you’re allowed to do so.


You assure your Masturbatrix that you won’t do anything without her permission and that you haven’t masturbated since the last time you saw her. You say your respectful goodbyes and hang up. Then you worry. How am I going to do this? But you desperately want to please your Mistress, so you have to try. And you can’t fail because her punishments are legendary. You don’t dare push her to that.


Teased and … Denied


You head into the bathroom. This is where the best mirror is. You take your clothes off and you stroke. Stop. Stroke. Stop. Stroke. Stop. Stroke. Stop and then finally stroke once more. You manage to do as she asked. You stroked five times and stopped and didn’t cum. You go over to her house. You’re amazed that you could drive. You’re shaking and feel lightheaded. You also are so excited that you can barely stand at there and knock calmly. It takes all you have to resist pounding on her door. She leads you in and tells you to sit on the sofa. She makes causal conversation while she makes you something to drink. You do your best to answer and act normal. You really want to scream in frustration or take out your cock and stoke with no thought to what’s going on around you.


But you manage to hold on. Finally, your Mistress stops the small talk and asks you if you’re ready to cum. You nod your head wildly. She smiles and tells you to take out your cock. Your hands fumble at the button of your pants. Heart thundering, you do as your told as she turns on the webcam. She says to start stroking slowly. She compliments you on following her instructions. She says that she can tell you have because your balls are full. You groan softly at this. After a few more strokes, you can feel you’re close to cumming. Then your Mistress says to stop and go home. You can wait to cum until next week.


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