What Is Guided Masturbation?

What is Guided Masturbation?


I am often asked what the difference between masturbation and guided masturbation is, so today, I thought I’d write about it for you. The ‘difference’ is quite simple, really. Masturbation is doing something to yourself with the intention of cumming. There are no rules and there is nobody controlling your masturbation or your orgasm. Guided masturbation is having a Mistress guide you to masturbate the way She thinks you should. The fate of your orgasm is in Her hands. There are many facets to guided masturbation and many ways to approach it.


Stroke Variations


I bet when you masturbate, you stick pretty much to the same stroke, don’t you? It’s tried and true, and guaranteed to do the trick, just like you need it to. If, like most guys, you do this, you are missing out on a level of pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. You see, by following the same routine every time, you condition your cock and your body to know what is coming and to react accordingly. It’s almost as if your body is acting by rote. You do orgasm, though they aren’t as intense as they used to be.


I’ll bet you just chalked that fact up to getting older and the fact that things seem more exciting when they are new and when you are younger; that you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that your earth-shattering orgasm days are over. Well, guess what?! Our Guided Masturbation Mistresses, or Masturbatix, as we like to call them, are here to tell you that those days aren’t over. In fact, it takes less than you think to start experiencing explosive orgasms all over again. Using stroke variations very different from your regular routine, it’s very possible your very next orgasm could be the explosive orgasm you’ve been craving!


Teasing and Edging


Teasing and edging are also ways to vary your masturbation routine and help bring back those intense orgasms you’ve been craving. We’ve all heard the word cocktease. Some of you may have been teased by one. Just like the name implies, they tease you mercilessly and leave you high and dry. If you’ve ever been toyed with by a cocktease, I’m sure you remember the frustration. And if you think hard enough, you’ll remember that when you finally did orgasm after all that tease and denial, waves of intense pleasure convulsed through your body. That’s what is known as the sweet frustration of tease. It drives you crazy with frustration when it’s happening, but the eventual resulting orgasm is powerful. Our Mistresses are quite well trained in the art of teasing and keeping you right on the edge until you’re sure you can’t take it anymore and then keeping you there some more. They know just what you need and have just the recipe to bring back those explosive orgasms you’ve been missing.


Exploring Various Sensations


Another way to spice up your guided masturbation routine is to explore various sensations, such as hot followed by cold, scratchy followed by soft, etc. This can be accomplished by using toys made just for that purpose; or, more often than not, various household items can be gathered and used for guided masturbation. The main thing is to keep an open mind and think outside the box when it comes to trying different sensation techniques. You may not love them all, but I guarantee there will be a few you are unable to resist.


Pass the Penis


Pass the Penis is another fun way to turn over your masturbation experience and the fate of your orgasm to a group of experienced Mistresses. You decide how many Mistresses you’d like to talk to and for how long, and the dispatcher will pass you from one to the next, until finally after all the Mistresses have teased and toyed with you, the last Mistress gets to decide whether or not you should cum. Sometimes a Mistress will give you a message to pass along to the next Mistress; other times, the Mistresses may form a plan prior to the game. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the experience!


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