CFNM and Guided Masturbation – the Ultimate Erotic Performance


The CFNM fetish and guided masturbation are great companions. There’s something quite exciting about being naked and being told how to masturbate by a sexy, fully-clothed woman. You can look at a woman and no matter what she’s wearing you will be able to see just how sexy she truly is. Women’s clothes are designed to highlight and show off our curves. From a low cut blouse revealing her plump cleavage to an exceptionally short skirt caressing her thighs, clothes drape from women in such a manner that no man can resist.. . especially not a naked one-lol. Seeing a beautiful woman dressed very sexy can not be easily ignored by anyone who has a penis.

Visual stimulation is the start of all sexual pleasures. Men are very visual creatures. They undress women all the time with their eyes for a quick sexual arousal. Undressing what they can’t have seems to have an instant “hard-on” effect. In fact, it is a natural reaction for men to want to touch themselves in the presence of a beautifully dressed woman. Many men often find a quiet area such as a restroom or office and quickly jerk off after encountering an attractive woman. There is a definite rush of adrenaline and excitement but it is usually short lived because they have to masturbate alone.


The Appeal of CFNM

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Now imagine if the same attractive yet dominant woman was to lock a man in a private room and coerced them into removing all of their clothing. Not only would there be an instant “hard-on” effect, but there is also a level of uncertainty that drives men crazy. Not being able to hide behind those silly manly clothes and having no idea of what will happen next can be both embarrassing and amusing. Men are very predictable creatures and it would be clear that they would want to start stroking their cock freely. But what if they were told not to until they were instructed?

The thought of a man being completely naked in the presence of a woman wearing an outfit that makes his cock throb is irresistible. Not being able to masturbate as he usually would, the man would be more than willing to comply with every instruction in search of the much needed “release”. Women understand that this would be an extremely difficult situation for any man and are turned on at the thought of their effort. CFNM is very appealing both to the naked and vulnerable man and to the fully-clothed woman who is guiding his masturbation.



Clothed Female, Naked Male – Exposed, Vulerable and Aroused


For a man, CFNM or being completely naked in front of a woman who’s attire causes sexual arousal is very humbling. At any moment she could walk away and he would be left there in a clear state of excitement. While that would be an option, this would be a perfect opportunity for him to put on the sexual performance of a lifetime. Women love watching men masturbating. Having him completely naked and only allowing him to touch himself as she sees fit allows a woman to sit on her sexual throne and enjoy the treats that he is willing to deliver.

Men have the option of masturbating anywhere that provides an ounce of privacy and usually do just that. Being naked before a woman, however, takes away that security of privacy and induces complete submissiveness. Once this takes place a man literally hands over control of his cock in hopes that he will be able to touch it only as it pleases her. Since he would be performing for her, every chance to touch himself will be as valuable as the first so he would want to make sure that he was doing it just right every time.

While being submissive and nude, men don’t want to risk the chance of a superior woman not being satisfied with their sexual performance including while they masturbate. If that were to happen they would be completely vulnerable and at her mercy with no real knowledge of what she might do to them. There’s the possibility that she may never want to see him stroking his cock for her again or possibly exposing him for others to see. The added fear of being exposed and/or not being obedient gives men the courage they need to resist their normal desire to release. Both options can be damaging to a man’s ego so they are forced to make each performance their best.

Masturbating is not a challenge for men, but unfortunately it encourages them to ejaculate at random. They can do this while fully dressed and it is usually over just as quickly as it began. Guided masturbation demands the complete opposite and when a man is naked, the stakes are much higher. Everyone knows that at the end of every challenge lies the reward of achievement. Since guided masturbation is a demonstration of a man’s will to please a woman, don’t you think its about time all men strive to achieve more from masturbating? I do. . .