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Caught Stroking


My girlfriend is a really nice girl. Or so I thought until I got caught stroking my cock.

When I met her she seemed nice enough. I liked her a lot after one conversation because she seemed to have all her shit together, knew what she wanted and had a good plan to get it. She was a beautiful redhead that had curves in all the places that drove me crazy.

I liked that she wasn’t very tall. She looked as though she would fit in the crook for my arm quite nicely. She seemed like a real lady, you know, a woman who wasn’t crude or rude in in public. She was smart and stubborn too, which I didn’t realize would be my downfall.

I asked her out about two hours after meeting her. We dated for a while and then one night out of the blue, we ended up in my bed. She was a great lover; everything I had ever wanted in a woman. I loved woman who knew what they wanted in bed and went for it. She had no problem at all telling me exactly what she wanted.

I liked her boldness—she would take my cock in her hand at the most unexpected times and stroke it until it was throbbing and I couldn’t think. She always did naughty things like this, so I got to where I expected something to happen whenever we were together.

Stroking My Cock with Permission


She loved to watch me stroke my cock and told me to never do it without her permission. At first I thought it was a little game she liked to play with me. It turned me on that she was so interested in my stroking habits.

So when we were alone I would ask her permission and she would tell me that I could stroke. Sometimes she took pictures with her phone, other times she would set up her webcam. I loved her guiding my masturbation and stroking my cock for her and it made our sex life crazy good.

Time went on and we got married some three years after the first time we met. We went on our honey moon to Hawaii. Neither of us had been there, so we both enjoyed exploring our new surroundings. We found lots of secluded places to have sex and sun bathe nude. This is where my trouble began.


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The Excursion


It happened one night during our second week. She had gone out shopping and I had decided to go on a fishing excursion. I purposely got back early from the trip because I wanted a little time to be alone. I loved my wife, but she could be very clingy and demanding of my time. As it was I little time to myself. She even accompanied me to the shower most of the time.

Today I had taken the opportunity to read or just sit and think. And that is just what I did…for a while at least. I was reading a book when the notion that I was alone and could stroke in private and she would never know. I hadn’t stroked my cock alone in years, literally. I looked at the clock and saw that my new wife wasn’t going to be back for over an hour, so I began to excitedly plan how I would take a shower and stroke my cock. It would be great!

I began by collecting the things I would need. I found a small tube of the lube I liked in the suitcase, buried under a mound of her clothes. I found it by accident as I was looking for my shaving kit early that day. She must have a surprise for me later. Anyway, I took my shaving kit and the towels into the bathroom and got into the shower. As soon as I did this, my cock was hard and throbbing. I couldn’t believe how much I had missed stroking by myself.

I didn’t hear her come in the bathroom. I was in mid stroke and about to cum hard when she pulled the shower curtain back. I jumped as if shocked and watched the big smile disappear from her face. She looked at me as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. “You broke your promise!” she wailed after a moment. “How could you?” I stumbled about in the slippery shower, my boner completely vanished. I tried to think of something to say that would calm her down. I think all I said was “I’m sorry!” over and over.

By the time I got out of the shower and into the rest of the hotel room, she was packing. She wouldn’t listen to what I had to say. Finally I promised her that I would never stroke again without her permission. That she would always be in charge of guiding my masturbation. She stopped as she heard these words and looked at me. In the end, she stayed with me and I’ve never again tried to stroke my cock without her say so. I shudder to think what would happen if I got caught stroking again without permission!