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Sub Gets His Guided Masturbation Instructions


Dear Pet,

If you’re reading this, it means I’ve already left for the trip that’s going to separate you from your Femdom Mistress for a few weeks. I really hate that you can’t come with me, but since it’s a business trip, I can’t think of a way to smuggle you along. So I know that both of us will miss each other, but I’m going to do all I can to ensure that the time apart won’t be completely miserable.

This letter is the beginning of my trying to make the best of things. I hope to keep myself in your mind like I’m sure you will be in mine while I’m gone. There are many ways to accomplish this, of course, but I’m going with the most direct one.

Lest you forget who is in control, both of your cock and of the rest of you as well, let me remind you that you’re under complete cock control while I’m gone, just like you are when I’m there. That, at least, is going to remain the same.


Guided masturbation 
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There will be some minor adjustments, however, to compensate for my absence. No, I’m not going to have you locked in chastity, regardless of how much you would enjoy that. I trust that you can follow my instructions to the letter without having to be physically restrained from jerking off. Besides, I actually do want you to masturbate, just not until I tell you to.

I’m on the plane right now, so I’m not able to communicate with you real-time, hence the reason for this letter containing guided masturbation instructions. But in order to distract you from your inevitable mopiness about your missing Mistress, I’m leaving you some directions to follow in the meantime. When the plane lands and I get to my hotel, I will call you to make sure you’ve completed them.

The first thing I want you to do is go to the bedroom. There, you will find some things laid out for you to use. Remove all your clothes, fold them up neatly, and put them on the dresser. Then, you may sit down on the bed. Put on the latex glove I left out for you on the bedside table. Once you have it on, you’ll also need to lube your cock up.

With your non-gloved hand, I want you to reach over and grab the iPod on the table. Put the ear buds in your ears and turn it on. There will be a playlist called “Guided Masturbation” saved on it. Select it, then lean back in a comfortable position and start listening.


Guided Masturbation Instructions By Letter


There are twelve songs on the playlist, all varying in tempo and genre. The runtime of these songs will be about an hour. What you will do for your absent Masturbatrix is stroke yourself while you listen. But you won’t just be jerking off willy-nilly (no pun intended). I want you to listen carefully to the rhythm of the song, and I want you to stroke for me using that same rhythm.

I understand that jerking off for an hour will probably be exhausting, so you have permission to pause between each song if you need to in order to take a short break no longer than 5 minutes at a time. You do not have permission to cum, and you do not have permission to stop stroking while a song is still playing. If you do either of these things, you will be punished severely, so I suggest that you use the time between songs to rest and to calm yourself down. You’ll need every second of it, I’m sure, in order to cope with the building intensity of the orgasm edging.

Let me reiterate once again: You do NOT have permission to cum. You will jerk off through the entire playlist, but you are not allowed to cum. After you’ve played all the way through the list, your orgasm denial will continue. Turn off the iPod, put it back on the bed, and go dispose of the glove and wash the lube off yourself.

Once you’ve done all the things listed in my “guided masturbation by letter” instructions, you may sit on the bed and watch TV or whatever else you like until you hear from me again. I will call you when I’m safely in my hotel room to continue this with guided masturbation phone sex.